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FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0

n-Track Software

FASoft has released version 5.0 (build 2133) of n-Track Studio.

Changes since v5.0 beta build 2126:

  • Fixed crash when closing mixer strip selecting the 'Show mixer strip in timeline' menu command.
  • Fixed 'speed follows pitch' icon not appearing in track properties transpose mode button .
  • Fixed mixer strips aux send cut off when mixer is split into more than 1 row.
  • Fixed double clicking on time axis during playback pauses playback.
  • Fixed "Add new instrument channel" menu not listing installed instrument plugin-s.
  • Fixed freezing on Windows 98 when moving mouse below main menu item.
  • Fixed mixer strips sometimes having inconsistent heights.
  • Fixed bug added in build 2027 that caused a crash starting the program.
  • Import-export of skins to single skin file.
  • Fixed timeline left bar not resizable.


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