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n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio to v8.0.1 for Mac & Win

n-Track Software

n-Track Software has updated n-Track Studio for Mac OS X and Windows to v8.0.1 Build 3394.

Release notes since v8.0 was released in January, 2016

n-Track Studio v8.0.1 Build 3394:

  • Fixed errors reloading packed song file when the original songs contains paths outside the song folder.
  • Fixed opening part properties box on a part that is not selected would not make the properties appear.
  • Fixed sometimes default song save path is n-Track private data folder instead of Documents or Music folder.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs and crashes.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3391:

  • Fixed rare crash clicking opening track properties box.
  • Fixed sluggishness when using a track with many parts.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3385:

  • Fixed install issue on Windows Vista.
  • Fixed crash on Mac when MIDI devices fail to open at startup.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3380:

  • Fixed issues uploading songs to Songtree.
  • Fixed rare crash on startup (Mac).

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3378:

  • Fixed crash with Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 audio device's ASIO drivers.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3376:

  • Fixed rare crash with audio playback.
  • Fixed graphic glitches with n-Track Compressor plugin.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3375:

  • New presets for channel EQ.
  • Fixed issues with track speed/transpose control in track properties box.
  • Fixed rare problem with n-Track Drums not correctly loading external sound banks.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3374:

  • Fixed graphic issues with some Windows DPI / resolution settings.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3373:

  • Added new presets to Tempo Delay and Multiband compressor missing in build 3372.
  • Fixed crash when last audio device selected is missing (Mac).
  • Minor bugs fixed.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3372:

  • New presets banks by Christian C. Thompson to n-Track plugins: Chorus, Echo Compressor, Reverb, Tremolo, Phaser, TubeAmpli, Autovol, Tempo Delay and Multiband compressor.
  • Fixed rare cases in which after adding a plugin to a channel results in no change to the audio.
  • Minor graphic improvements to the Songtree window.
  • Fixed crash when deleting a song with one or more tracks with the 'stereo independent' pan law.
  • Fixed crash when switching between 32-bit and 64-bit while the audio engine was running.
  • Fixed crash when changing a track between stereo and mono when using the TubeAmplifier plugin.
  • Fixed crash when changing n-Track Skin (Mac).
  • Fixed rare crash closing the app.
  • Fixed rare crash closing the Songtree window.

n-Track Studio v8.0 Build 3371:

  • Fixed various minor bugs.


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