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FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.1.0 build 2298

n-Track Software

FASoft has updated n-Track Studio to v5.1.0 build 2298.

Changes since v5.0.9 build 2286:

  • Copy, cut and paste commands can now be applied to arbitrary selection of tracks, no longer to either 1 or all tracks.
  • Clone portion of song to new song.
  • 'Remove all but current selection' command in track context menu.
  • Lame mp3 encoder is now used instead of Bladeenc.
  • Prompt to increase buffering if buffering is too small when using MME drivers (typically occurs when switching from ASIO to MME drivers).
  • Support for 24 bit unpacked format with MME drivers.
  • Fixed 'error opening input device' on Windows Vista when no input device exist or is connected.
  • Fixed crash when recording in 16 bit format when using ASIO drivers with a 24 bit audio device.
  • Fixed dropout noise when stopping recording with EMU ASIO drivers.
  • Fixed auto-saving (enabled in the Preferences/Appearance dialog box) causing audio drop-outs.
  • Fixed playback starting when MIDI Clock slave sync is enabled and incoming MIDI clock signal is not being received.


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