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Cockos updates REAPER to v1.888


Cockos has updated REAPER to v1.888.

Changes since v1.885:

  • Preliminary MIDI editor assignable actions/macros (prefs/keyboard).
  • MIDI editor: assignable two octave step sequencer actions.
  • MIDI editor: more discrete editing actions.
  • MIDI editor: better sorting of events by type for list and in general.
  • MIDI editor: different color for playback cursor display.
  • New action: heal splits in selected items (can heal fades and overlaps and gaps too).
  • Grid division combo boxes now include more odd signatures.
  • Prefs/keyboard: faster macro dialog population.
  • Right click+drag loop selection obeys snap.
  • CTRL+dragging items that intersect the loop selection duplicates just the portions in the loop selection.
  • Action to set item to loop visible section (item settings menu).
  • Fixed CTRL+drag of multiple items not creating new tracks in certain instances.
  • Added experimental prefs/advanced option to allow keyboard commands while mouse editing.
  • Internal track mouse capture optimizations.
  • VST: fixed generic UI not updating on program change.
  • VST: updating of combo box on program name change.
  • Media item properties: enabling "section" uses take offset/item length for default values.
  • Fix for asynchronous filewrite flushing on some systems where it was broken.
  • Fixed item zero line not being drawn in certain instances, option to draw above peaks.
  • Made JS labelling and DLL name more consistent.
  • Updated help menu, added "get user guide" to documentation menu.
  • Updated about box for license and user agreements.


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