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FASoft updates n-Track Studio to v6.0.2

n-Track Software

FASoft has updated n-Track Studio to v6.0.2 ( Build 2424).

New features since 6.0.1:

  • Take management with lanes.
  • Manual multiple takes recording (press Rec button to immediately start a new take).
  • Editing History window.
  • Recording to an existing track creates a new take.
  • Mute part control on waveform and in part properties box.
  • Part comments button in part properties box.
  • Mute selected tracks shortcut (Q).
  • Select All Menu command.
  • Clear selection Menu command + Ctrl+0 Shortcut.
  • Option to play all of a track takes simultaneously.
  • Cycle take lane mode (L).
  • "Mute All Output" command no longer stops only MIDI output, audio device I/O is now stopped.
  • Bounce adds Broadcast Wave File info so that bounced files can later be reimported at the same offset in the song at which they were originally created.

Main bugs fixed:

  • Fixed Merge command sometimes giving erratic results, now it is applied to all selected parts, new M -> Merge shortcut.
  • Fixed crash when loading EZDrummer VSTi with Live button off [Compatibility].
  • Fixed program sometimes freezing when changing skin in Settings/Skin box.
  • Fixed EQ spectrum not working on a track after using the Edit/Undo command.
  • EQ spectrum is now reset when playback stops.


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