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MachineCodex Software updates AudioCodex to v1.47

MachineCodex Software

MachineCodex Software has updated AudioCodex to v1.47. This update fixes several bugs that have recently been reported by users, and also includes several new features, plus a variety of user-interface modifications and usability improvements.

Among the new features in 1.47 are a new Equalizer Level slider on the Inspector, a 'Clone Playlist' function that makes a duplicate of the currently viewed playlist as it is currently sorted and filtered, and proper 'Sort' indicators for playlist table headers; more details about the new features, changes and bug-fixes in 1.47 can be found below.

New Features:

  • New Equalizer Level slider allows for fine control when refining eq levels.
  • New 'Clone Playlist' feature makes an independent copy of the viewed playlist with its current sorting and filtering applied.
  • Fine-tuning of a variety of interface elements to improve contrast, legibility and usability.
  • New 'Obsidian' dark-theme option.

Tracks List Usability Updates:

  • Drag & drop rearranging of sorted playlists is now disabled.
  • Sorted playlists can be unsorted by clicking on the Track Index column header.
  • Added sort indicators and contrast shading to Tracks list column headers.
  • Tracks indexes are maintained relative to the initial unsorted state of their playlist.
  • All tracks are checked for existence each time a playlist is viewed, and immediately display a warning icon next to the track number if the file cannot be found at that time.
  • Track times are now displayed as H:M:S in list views.

Source List Usability Updates:

  • Source groups can now be toggled by clicking anywhere on the item, not just the disclosure triangle.
  • Watched Folders are all checked for existence on startup, and display a 'Missing Folder' icon immediately if the folder cannot be found.
  • Watched Folders are re-checked for existence each time they are selected in the source list, and will update if the folders availability has changed since the Watched Folder item was last viewed.

Other User Interface Changes & Updates:

  • Relocation of Inspector 'i' button to the right edge of the toolbar.
  • Updated toolbar graphics, plus a change to the layout of toolbar buttons groups the Dials & Inspector buttons on the right-hand side of the toolbar.
  • Updated View Mode button heuristics to more correctly match the current view configuration.
  • Mini-Player mode-selection changes: collapse into Mini-player mode will now only be invoked by either manual drag-resizing the window down to the collapse-height, or by the user invoking the main-menu's 'Mini-Player' item. The main window will no longer collapse into mini-player mode by clicking on any of the view mode buttons, no matter the current view configuration.
  • New Tracks Header view that serves to:
    • display the Group & Name of the currently viewed playlist,
    • house the 'Search' field, and
    • function as the dragging handle for the Visualizer/Tracks list splitview.
  • Revised Transport slider and marker graphics.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue (introduced with Quicktime 7.5.5) which could lead to intermittent crashes when attempting to alter the pitch of a QuickTime-movie immediately after initiating playback of a file.
  • Fixed an issue where drag and drop rearranging of sorted tracks lists was incorrectly permitted, which would result in a playlist corruption when attempting to manually rearrange an already-sorted list.
  • Eliminated flickering of the vertical scrollbar when opening and closing Inspector tab sub-groups.
  • The title of the Modules popup button in the Visualizer Inspector is set to the name of the initially loaded module.


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