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Ardour updated to v2.7.1


Ardour has been updated to v2.7.1. Not only has there finally been a working new release of JACK, but Ardour has also seen several major bug fixes, a useful collection of new features, and many smaller fixes that correct annoying behaviour. Mac OS X Intel users will find an Intel build; a PPC one will be ready as soon as possible. If you tried Ardour 2.7 on OS X and it would not start up for you, please give 2.7.1 a test.

New features and changes:

  • Option to preserve formants when stretching/shifting.
  • New option to control whether newly added plugins are active or not, enabled by default.
  • Copy sends as well as plugins when doing copy/paste operations in the mixer strip.
  • Copy send I/O configurations when copying sends.
  • Remove height buttons from automation tracks.
  • New option to do cubase-style solo-overrides mute (off by default).
  • Ardour-build plugin GUIs are now "taller" rather than "wider".
  • Insert-time operation can now move markers too.
  • Double-click on plugin/send/insert boxes now brings up plugin manager.
  • Handle an instant.xml file (GUI state) that has been modified by ardour 3.0 (without crashing).
  • Shorten coreaudio's format text strings.
  • Creating ranges from region selections now offers two different options: create 1 range spanning all selected regions, or create 1 range per selected region.


  • Fix OS X display of startup message about missing JACK.
  • Actually delete commands from undo history when limiting depth of the history list. this fixes a massive memory leak in ardour when working with lots of regions and/or lots of edits.
  • MAJOR fix for any situation where an audio track is playing more channels than it has output ports. triggered by a report about playing an 8-chn AIFF file via the auditioner.
  • Set up folder/directory name correctly for range export.
  • Drastically improve handling of Drag-n-Drop internally, avoiding memory leaks and potential memory corruption.
  • When using a top menubar (as on OS X), don't quit when the editor window is closed.
  • Prevent lockup/hangs when caused by editing a track name and then resizing so that the track name entry field is hidden.
  • Select objects when clicking on them in region gain mouse mode, so that subsequent operations do not operate on unexpected objects.
  • Don't duplicate LADSPA plugins in plugin manager list.
  • Items in region context menus that need a position (e.g. split) are desensitized if the edit point is "mouse", to avoid odd behaviour.
  • Fix a bug that made certain prompt windows potentially able to cause crashes.
  • Make panner changes propagate into the panner GUIs even when the number of streams being handled is reduced.
  • Do not crash in an xrun handler when there is no session.
  • Lots of Session members now initialized in constructor, rather than being left to chance.
  • Correct control surface track indexing (fixes a crash when using Tranzport and others to go to "next" or "prev" track).
  • MTC message delivered internally when handling an MMC locate now contains correct FPS value, avoiding stupid error message from showing up.
  • Compile correctly even with NLS=0.
  • Track names are now visible even with the "light" theme.


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