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GoranGrooves releases Handy Drums v2.0


GoranGrooves has announced the release of Handy Drums V2.0, the latest upgrade to their drum plugin suite. This new version introduces comprehensive enhancements in sound quality, design, and functionality, promising a more refined user experience for musicians and producers.

Key Enhancements in Handy Drums V2.0:

  • Aesthetic Improvements:
    • The graphical user interface (GUI) has been completely vectorized, ensuring sharp and scalable visuals at any screen resolution. Additionally, the artwork sketches have been updated to reflect the quality of the plugins better.
  • Sound Quality Upgrades:
    • The Rock Legend kit (formerly known as the John Bonham-style kit) has been remixed for enhanced versatility and sound quality.
    • Improved sample triggering now employs a random selection method to increase the natural variation in playback.
    • The variable hi-hats feature sophisticated algorithms that mimic real hi-hat actions more closely than ever before.
  • New Instrument Additions:
    • The Latin Percussion & Drums section has doubled in size, and it now includes new instruments like b├íta drums, tambora, and Peruvian cajon.
    • The World Percussion plugin now includes a new djembe with full articulations, Reggae Standard now sports a timbale, and the Vintage Standard has updated cymbals.
  • Functionality and Usability Improvements:
    • The main mixer has been enhanced with new Solo and Mute buttons for better sound control.
    • Accessibility has been improved throughout the GUI to assist users with visual impairments.
    • The mapping panel now features dynamic drum pads for easy auditioning of all included sounds.
    • The output options have increased to 16 stereo channels from the previous 8.
  • Load Samples on Demand:
    • This feature reduces initial loading times and memory usage by loading samples only when they are played.
  • MIDI Loop Browser:
    • The most significant new feature is the MIDI Loop Browser, allowing users to easily search, audition, and implement MIDI loops into their projects directly from the plugin.
  • Integration with Handy Grooves:
    • Handy Grooves, GoranGrooves' MIDI loop packs have been reorganized and now seamlessly integrate within the Handy Drums V2.0 interface for immediate access.

Handy Drums V2.0 is now available for existing users to upgrade at a discounted rate through the GoranGrooves Library. New users can access a free trial to explore the full capabilities of the new software.

For more detailed information on Handy Drums V2.0 and its features, please visit library.gorangrooves.com/docs/handy-drums-v2-0


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