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GS DSP releases MagicDelay - Multi-Curve Spectral Delay with built-in Modulation System


GS DSP has announced the release of MagicDelay, a multi-curve spectral delay plug-in with a built-in modulation system, saying:

Do we need yet another delay? Of course. We need thousands of delays all working in concert and in high fidelity. That's why we bring you MagicDelay, the multi-curve spectral delay with a built-in modulation system. Easily and quickly create separate delay times per frequency, or ranges of frequencies. Mix them, modulate them, spread them, run wild, and create original beautiful delays to enrich your sounds.

The following sections briefly describe the core capabilities of MagicDelay for shaping your own unique delay and bringing it alive.

Curve Editor: Controlling thousands of delay times sounds complicated, but GS DSP made this process really simple. At the heart of MagicDelay is the Curve Editor where you can draw up to 4 separate curves and fluently morph between them using the adjacent XY pad.

Syncing: Sync your delay times to your DAW is quick and easy. In just a few seconds you can have, for example, a regular eighth delay for the low-mids and a dotted eighth delay for the highs, or any other combination you can think of.

Modulation: Open up the modulation panel by clicking on an empty modulation slot and get going with a few quick clicks. The modulation system offers a large range of modulation sources:

  • LFOs.
  • Random generators.
  • Envelope followers (amplitude, pitch, brightness, and more).

In addition, the followers can bet set to respond to side-chain inputs. Do you want to modulate the delay of your lead track by using the brightness of your drum track? No problem in this modulation system.

Intro Price: $49.49 / €49.49.



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