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GS DSP releases MagicFusion - Spectral Vocoder Plugin


GS DSP has announced the release of MagicFusion, a "multi-curve spectral vocoder workstation with a built-in modulation system" for macOS, Windows and iOS in VST3, Audio Unit and AAX plugin formats.

Here's what they say:

This is not your average vocoder. Oh no, it defies convention and transcends the analog limitations of its counterparts. No mere band pass filters and signal followers here. This wizardry operates in the frequency domain, harnessing the very essence of sound itself.

Easily and quickly apply the amount of the effect per frequency, or ranges of frequencies. Mix them, modulate them, spread them, run wild, and create original spectral transformations from organic pumping filter sounds to extreme effects on the brink of insanity.

This Vocoder is truly one of a kind, never before has such a creation been witnessed before.

Imagine, if you will, a portal through which two signals intertwine, creating a harmonious fusion that transcends the ordinary. It possesses the power to extract the spectral essence of one sound, the modulator, and apply it to another, the carrier, creating a spellbinding synthesis of both. That's why you must use two audio inputs: the input aka carrier, and the sidechain aka modulator.

Intro Offer: $39.99 Desktop / $19.99 iOS (Reg. $49.99 Desktop / $24.99 iOS).





Discussion: Active
7 June 2023 at 2:45am

"Prepare to be astonished by the extraordinary..."
"...transcend the boundaries of the mundane"
"witness the future..."
"Your sound has never been more magical"

kinda speaks for itself.

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