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GS DSP releases Quantum Distortion Plugin


GS DSP has announced the release of Quantum Distortion, featuring a Saturator, BitCrusher, RingModulator, and Downsampler.

Down the rabbit hole into the very essence of distortion, where every tweak and turn unveils a subterranean realm of gritty textures and rich harmonics.


  • Saturation: Explore the rich, harmonically intricate depths of our custom waveshaping algorithm. Adjust the Drive to control the intensity from subtle to extreme, while the Asymmetry knob lets you summon the very essence of vintage tube amplifiers.
  • BitCrush: Unleash the power of digital deconstruction and transform your audio into a dynamic mosaic of bits. Tweak the BitCrush parameter for intensity, and bend and twist the bits in unimaginable ways using the BitWarp control.
  • RingModulation: Intertwine your audio into a spectral dance with an oscillator and let those sidebands resonate in lovely dissonance. Adjust intensity and frequency smoothly in real-time.
  • DownSample: Take a quantum leap in time with Downsampling. Adjust the rate dynamically down to 200 Hz or introduce an element of chaos with Jitter, adding an unpredictable edge to your sonic explorations.
  • The XY Pad - Discover the Alchemical Fusion: Navigate effortlessly between these four distortion algorithms using the intuitive XY pad. The background image changes dynamically as well, providing a visual indicator of your current location.

A parameter randomisation feature enables the user to explore the plugin's sound at random. A modulation system allows the user to modulate pretty much everything using LFOs and Random Generators (also in 2D), Envelope Followers, Macros and even dynamic chaotic systems.

Tech Specs:

  • Input Filter: Lowpass / Highpass.
  • 4 Algorithms: Saturation / BitCrush / RingModulation / DownSample.
  • Tone, Lowpass, Level & Solo control for each algorithm.
  • Morph between algorithms using the XY Pad.
  • Saturator output as input switches.
  • Drive.
  • Asymetry.
  • BitCrush.
  • BitWarp.
  • RingMod Amount.
  • RingMod Frequency (20-1000 Hz).
  • Downsample.
  • Jitter.
  • Interpolation.
  • Wet Level.
  • DryWet.
  • More.

Price: $13.99 (Desktop, VST3, AU, AAX) / $6.99 (iOS, AUv3).

Watch it in Action: YouTube/9t7EIdpRlAo



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