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GS DSP updates MagicDelay and releases MagicPitch - Multi-Curve Pitch / Frequency Shifter with built-in Modulation System


GS DSP has updated MagicDelay to 2022.1 and announced the release of MagicPitch with introductory pricing of $49.49 / €49.49 until June 18, 2022.

MagicPitch is a multi-curve spectral pitch and frequency shifter plugin with a built-in modulation system. GS DSP says:

Detune harmonics, fatten up your drums, create otherworldly vocals - it's all there. Easily and quickly apply separate pitch and frequency shifting per frequency, or ranges of frequencies. Mix them, modulate them, spread them, run wild, and create original frequency transformations from subtle de-tunings to extreme effects on the brink of insanity.


Curve Editor

Controlling thousands of pitch and frequency shifters sounds complicated, but GS DSP made this process really simple. At the heart of MagicPitch is the Curve Editor where you can draw up to 4 separate curves and fluently morph between them using the adjacent XY pad.

Pitch vs Frequency Shifting

Pitch Shifting describes the process of scaling all frequencies of a sound by a common factor while retaining the harmonic relationships. Frequency Shifting, on the other hand, adds a common frequency amount to all frequencies, changing the harmonic relationship of its harmonics.

MagicPitch can do both at the same time. But that's not all. Using the CurveEditor you are in control of thousands of pitch and frequency shifters so you can edit your sound in every detail. At the same time you can quickly adjust the overall sound using the Pitch Offset, Frequency Offset, Balance and FX Amount. For example, in just a few seconds you can shift the low-mids up by 1 Octave while shifting the highs down by 1 Octave, or any other combination you can think of.


Open up the modulation panel by clicking on an empty modulation slot and get going with a few quick clicks. The modulation system offers a large range of modulation sources:

  • LFOs.
  • Random generators.
  • Envelope followers (amplitude, pitch, brightness, and more).

In addition, the followers can bet set to respond to side-chain inputs.

MagicDelay 2022.1 introduces the following changes:

  • Presets by Cristian Vogel.
  • AAX version now available.
  • Preset stepping.
  • CurveModifiers reset button.
  • Polished UI.
  • Added points on a line now don't disappear.
  • Auto-Learn: The magic wand in the followers is a toggle now and it will keep learning unless deactivated.
  • Better use of Plugin Categories.


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