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H.E. Audio updates Acoustic Guitar-(Steel) to v1.1

H.E. Audio

H.E. Audio has updated the full version of Acoustic Guitar-(Steel) to version 1.1. It amends some bugs and makes the functions more efficient.


  • Amended some bugs, the running efficiency of system has been improved.
  • Some of the GUI has been changed.
  • New ADSR volume control system, each default value has been newly adjusted.
  • The volume of the string-sweeping noises in Pick version can be controlled independently.
  • The scope that the volume effected by Mod Wheel has increased, and the automatic restoration has been removed.
  • The default value of the dynamic sensitivity is 100% now.
  • Upper limit of the Volume is 20 at present (which can make the original samples gain 6 db).


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