Human Touch Technology

Human Touch Technology has released Darbukator 4 Live a royalty free loop pack for Ableton Live.

Main Features:

  • 24-bit Samples.
  • 2136 royalty free loops.
  • Clips sorted in 3 categories (single, group and free play).
  • Real time improvisation mode.
  • Clips edited to give tight and seamless loops.
  • Instruments include Dohola, Doff, Darbuka, Riq, Sagat and Claps.
  • All Darbukator Traditional and Extreme loops Plus 6 new styles.
  • Separate break loops for intros and endings.
  • Traditional styles pack: Ayoob, Malfouf, Maksoom 1&2, Wahda, Saeidi, Karashi, Nobian, Libi, Bambi, Masmodi, Jerk, Rumba, Rai 1&2, Zafa, Sufi, Sombaty, Wahrani .
  • Extreme styles pack: Falah, Wahda, Baladi, Karatshi, Saidi, Bambi, Masmoudi, Sufi, Malfouf, Ayoob, Mambo, Zar 1&2, Jerk, Rai, Rumba.
  • Extreme styles are programmed as an arranger: Main 1&2, Vari 1&2, grouped 1&2.
  • 16 Improvisation groups (Doff, Doholla, Darbuka, Riq).

Installation size: 2.37 GB.

Download size: 1.26 GB.

Price: $69 with 50% instant discount. Requires Ableton Live 10 or later.

Video demo

Audio demo



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