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Mixanalog adds elysia karacter


Mixanalog has added elysia audio karacter to their platform.

The analog karacter unit was upgraded with passive relay automation, which enables remote usage of the unit over the internet from the user's browser. All buttons on the graphical representation (see image) are active and can be set by the user to their preferred settings in a similar way as is done with a plug-in.

Mixanalog has implemented lossless real-time streaming. This allows users to hear the results of their settings without any compression loss and instantly within the internet speed limitations, which is approximately 50ms within Europe.

Karacter is a saturation device and can be used in various ways, but most commonly for mastering and bus processing duties.

Elysia describes it as:

The karacter is a box full of vibrant colors. It covers a complete spectrum including mastering-grade saturation, tube-inspired distortion and glorious destruction.

The entire unit is designed with discrete class-A topology, so even the most lo-fi sounds will benefit from the karacter's high-end touch.

Mixanalog further adds:

For mastering/bus type gentle saturation, use the default drive mode with FET Shred and Turbo Boost turned off. This will produce euphonic, symmetric saturation that, at gentle settings, sounds very much like a good bus compressor. Try engaging the M/S mode in this tone range and enjoy a nice subtle blooming of the stereo field.

For more information and karacter tutorial visit Mixanalog blog post or watch their YouTube tutorial

Elysia karacter will be free to use for 30 minutes per user per day on mixanalog.com through April 2020. After that, the price will be 90 MAT (mixanalog tokens) which converts roughly to $3, depending on the purchased amount.



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