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HyperSynth releases Hcards REV.2 for Yamaha DX series and Roland D-50


HyperSynth has released Hcards REV.2, a major update to their Hcard line (vintage synth accessories) that provided massive external storage for Yamaha's DX series and Roland's D-50.

The updated REV.2 line features four products:

This upgrade offers a solid metal case with new color, better touch-pad action and visibility, easy cartridge insertion, updated firmware, and improved build quality over their predecessors.

Additions and Fixes (REV.2):

  • CNC metal case with scratch-free anodized finish.
  • Chamfered edge bottom side that offers easy insertion (H701, H702, and H705).
  • Colored touch buttons with enhanced action.
  • CNC milled edge connector for robust connectivity with slot sockets (H701, H702, and H705).
  • Upgraded from 2L to 4L PCB with new microprocessor and more stable firmware v2.1.
  • Hcards now draw less power from the synthesizer power supply.


Here's what they say about pricing and upgrade challenges:

Regarding the global semiconductor shortage after the COVID pandemic, obtaining the Hcard microprocessor became impossible and it was the main reason for freezing production of the last batches. We also had trouble manufacturing the old acrylic enclosure, which needed very time consuming manual assembly and calibration for proper fitting in cartridge slot.

These limitations made the old version impossible to produce. We needed to ensure that we can continue delivering the high-quality products our customers deserve, so we started designing Hcard REV.2.

The first challenge was finding a new in-stock microprocessor that was compatible with the old device so that customers don't see a difference in function. But in the end, we must port old firmware to match the new device architecture and it was done with too many hassles.

The new REV.2 is equipped with a metal enclosure and is entirely manufactured by a precise CNC machine. The old PCB of Hcard did not sit in the new enclosure and it must be smaller in size while components density did not allow us to make it small enough and the only way was to migrate from standard 2-layer PCB to advanced 4-layer PCB with higher cost and a project design from scratch. The new PCB required a new PCBA [printed circuit board assembly], new tooling, new fixture, new software for testing, new manufacturing challenges, new quality control procedures, and production team re-training. As there were four products in Hcard's line we performed all steps four times for each model.

All these facts plus inflation in 2022 led us to decide on a price increase unwillingly it was the only way to keep Hcards in production.

Here is the new pricing:

  • Hcard-701: €249 / $199 USD.
  • Hcard-702: €249 / $199 USD.
  • Hcard-750: €249/ $199 USD.
  • Hcard-705: $429 USD.

Hcards are available to purchase now from authorized dealers in US, EU and hypersynth webstore (more info).





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