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Hypersynth releases white edition of Xenophone and updates OS to v2.2


Hypersynth has released a white edition of Xenophone and updated the OS to v2.2. The white edition has better layout visibility in dark environments and it comes with 3 add-ons:

  • Firmware v2.2.
  • New SoundBank.
  • Custom Designed Acrylic Stand.

Firmware v2.2 offers several new features and enhancements. Creating a mod path in mod matrix is faster and easier now by using the new Quick Dial feature. A new shift option is added in the sequencer menu that shifts the steps data to the left or right with various combinations. Now the internal effect processor can be bypassed globally plus some minor fixes in MIDI section and sound engine.

v2.2 Improvements:

  • Added quick auto-selection of source/target in matrix menu, Hold [-1oct] or [+1oct] + turn a valid knob.
  • Added option to shift right/left each sequencer track.
  • Added option in global menu for disabling FX in all presets.
  • Added option to view parameters value without changing, Hold [ARP Select] + turn any knob.
  • Added new display mode "MIDI-Filter" in global menu which prevents jumping from current menu to another when receiving data from MIDI.
  • Added hard-coded de-zipper for oscillator shape, pw and phase.
  • Now the display does not show "Unrecognized SysEx." message in any situation.
  • Now SysEx receiving is done in the background without system halt.
  • Improved SysEx processing and filtering unwanted MIDI command.

v2.2 Fixes:

  • Fixed freezing when a non-standard SysEx dump was received.
  • Fixed sequencer bug which held notes incorrectly after last three steps.
  • Fixed minor issue in changing portamento type which did not function properly in ARP/SEQ mode.
  • Fixed DFX issue that created unwanted artifact when changing presets.
  • Fixed SEQ record malfunction.
  • Fixed OSC2 phase issue which wrongly altered OSC1 phase.
  • Fixed LFO S&G problem that caused some patches sound different after load.
  • Fixed an issue in loading the first program after receiving a bank dump via MIDI.
  • Disabled tempo knob when "Master Clock" is set to external.
  • Slight system speed optimization.

The new soundbank is a mix of 64 new factory presets plus 64 presets designed by synth expert Frank Neumann from Particular Sound. The sounds are categorized in 9 groups covering poly rhythmic sequences, classic arpeggios, deep ambient leads and SFX, vintage emulations, duophonic sounds and several more...

128 Presets:

  • 36 Sequences.
  • 13 Arpeggios.
  • 15 Leads.
  • 8 Duophonic Sounds.
  • 3 Pads.
  • 15 Short synths.
  • 20 Basses.
  • 4 Drums.
  • 14 SFX.

This soundbank is pre-installed on all new units and also free to download in SysEx format for previous black edition owners.

The new acrylic stand is specially designed to for tilting Xenophone, it comes as a replacement for the old style angled wooden sides and has the following benefits over it:

  • Quick and easy installation (Auto-lock feature without screw).
  • No need for uninstalling the default flat sides.
  • Two angles option: 30-60 degree.
  • Smaller size and more stable on the surface.

All new Xenophones (White Edition) purchased from an Authorized HyperSynth dealer will come with a free Stand and the price is the same as the old Black Edition. The White Edition will be shipped at the end of September 2017.

SoundBank 3 Demo



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