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PRO Custom Drums releases "TheBeat" Drum Sample Library for Drumagog and Trigger

PRO Custom Drums

Pro Custom Drums has announced the release of TheBeat, a new Drum Sample Library for WaveMachine Labs' Drumagog and Slate Digital's Trigger.

TheBeat is a kit that is aimed towards your rock, pop, funk and up-tempo needs. The idea for it is to be quick and punchy while retaining tone which is what this hand built Italian maple kit does really well.

In addition to the main kit you have two additional kicks and snares available for when you need a beefier or more ringy character overall. More low-end, more snap and a bit dirtier overall compared to the main kit pieces. The toms consist of one rack tom and two floor toms gauging in at 10", 14", 16".

These samples have been pre-processed to fit into your mix with minimal additional processing. Since pre-processed samples lend themselves to augmentation rather than total replacement, Pro Custom Drums have chosen just the best samples from their sessions for this purpose, resulting in fewer samples and dynamic levels than you'd find in their larger products.


  • Full kit with two separate kicks and snares.
  • Pre-processed to fit into your mix.
  • Specifically designed for Rock, Pop and Funk at moderate to faster tempos.
  • Delivered for Slate Trigger and Wavemachine Labs Drumagog.

Price: €39 EUR excl. VAT.





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