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Ignite VST updates Heat Up Workstation 2 to v 2.5

Initial Audio

Ignite VST has updated Heat Up 2 to Version 2.5.


  • Factory Library now comes with 500 Instruments.
  • Updated the Demo, now comes with 118 instruments selected from all our expansions.
  • Improved the look and responsiveness of the scope.
  • Moved to a new file format that uses lossless compression. Quality of the samples are the same but with a smaller size. Heatup 2 still loads the old format.
  • When loading a new instance the expansion defaults to the last one used.
  • Lower CPU usage for some presets.
  • Favorite presets by right clicking them in the browser. All your favorites will show in the new "Favorites" Expansion.
  • Added a new "ALL" Expansion. This is the factory library and all your expansions in one list.
  • Selecting a preset in the browser now shows a loading indicator.
  • Users can now browse through presets in the browser using up/down on the keyboard after selecting a preset with the mouse.
  • Modulation wheel can now be routed to the Wobble speed and depth.
  • Added a tempo synced pan effect to the FX section.
  • Added our Vice One compressor to the FX section.
  • Serial protection added to the plugin instead of the installer.
  • When creating a new category for your presets the "Select Category" field is automatically set to the new category.
  • Added "Delay damping", can be turned on or off in the settings screen. This feature makes the delay sound more natural.
  • Improved the sound of the Chorus.
  • GUI Resizing, drag the bottom right corner to resize the plugin. Double click to reset to default size.
  • Fixed a small graphical issue where the highlight over an expansion wasn't showing the correct color.
  • Fixed an issue where the sequencer didn't respond to the velocity of the note pressed and always played at full velocity.
  • Fixed the tab buttons losing their highlight when closing and re-opening the plugin GUI.

What's new in version 2.5



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