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Initial Audio release Initial Slice for Windows and Mac OS

Initial Audio

Initial Audio has released Initial Slice, a loop slicer and beat making plugin for Windows and Mac.

Initial Slice comes with over 300 loops and over 300 beat starters, as well as over 160 drum samples. Each loop comes with a beat starter that can be selected by pressing the Beat button.

Slice uses Zynaptiq's ZTX time stretch algorithm. When loaded as a plugin the time stretch ensures that the loop fits to the tempo of the host.

Initial Slice also comes with multiple built in sequencers so you can create sequences and trigger them via a MIDI keyboard.


  • Time stretch and pitch shifting of loops.
  • Built in sequencers for drums, bass and slices.
  • Playlist editor to arrange the sequencers.
  • 4 effects racks with 11 effects each, such as compression, reverb and saturation.
  • Trigger the sequencers via a MIDI keyboard or the hosts piano roll.
  • Drag and drop of samples, with multiple supported sample formats.
  • Preset browser and sample browser.
  • Over 300 loops and beat starters.
  • Resizable GUI to suit different screen resolutions.

Introductory price: $99 until 1st of July 2021. $149 after that.

Brief introduction video



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