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IK releases ARC System 3 - Studio Acoustic Correction

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia has announced a new generation of acoustic correction with ARC 3. This new system offers an all-new 3D room analysis algorithm, easier setup, compatibility with more measurement microphones, and superior results.

By correcting poor room acoustics, ARC 3 lets you trust the sound you hear as the most accurate representation of your mix. It combines an ultra-accurate MEMS measurement microphone, room analysis software, and a correction plug-in.

Walls, furniture, and other objects reflect and absorb sound, changing the frequency balance and stereo imaging an engineer or producer hears in their studio. ARC System 3 detects and accounts for these issues by quickly and precisely measuring the sound of a room to generate a correction profile that can be loaded into the ARC plug-in for use in any DAW.

By measuring a room at three different heights around the listening position, IK's VRM (Volumetric Response Modeling) technology creates a 3D snapshot of the room to identify problematic issues without over-processing the sound. The result is a natural-sounding correction that recreates the experience of working in a professionally tuned room.

ARC System 3 offers additional controls to fine-tune corrections for ideal performance in any room and setup:

  • Adjustable correction range - Choose to define limits to upper and lower correction ranges separately to preserve a monitor's unique voicing or to correct a certain frequency range.
  • Variable resolution and smoothing - The correction filter's resolution can be adjusted to use more or fewer frequency bands, for either surgical correction or a broader, smoother balance.
  • Two Phase Modes - Normal and Linear phase modes ensure precise stereo imaging.

Plus, you can now leave the car test in the past. ARC System 3 allows users to emulate all sorts of listening devices such as TVs, smartphones, car audio systems, and many popular studio monitors and "virtual systems". This guarantees accurate sound translation across common listening devices.

With neverending ways to study your mix, ARC System 3 gives you useful tools including Peak, RMS, Loudness and dynamic range metering, a real-time spectrum analyzer, and more. Monitor your sound and speed up your workflow to make quick and effective changes.

ARC System 3 (software-only) is available now and the complete bundle including the MEMS microphone will be available in Q2, but can be pre-ordered now.

Price and availability

ARC System 3 software-only version is now available for $/€199.99*.

Existing owners of any registered IK product that retails for $/€99 or more can purchase the ARC System 3 software-only crossgrade for $/€99.99.

ARC 2.0 or later users will receive a $/€50 coupon off the $/€99.99 price.

Furthermore, all customers who purchase and register ARC 2.5 after April 1, 2020, will receive a free software-only upgrade to ARC System 3.

ARC System 3 complete bundle with MEMS microphone will be available in Q2 for $/€249.99 and can be pre-ordered now.

Existing owners of any registered IK product that retails for $/€99 or more can now pre-order the crossgrade of the ARC System 3 complete bundle with MEMS microphone for $/€149.99.

Learn more about ARC System 3 here.

*All prices excluding taxes



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