Image Line

Image Line has announced that FL Studio has been updated to v20.0.3 for macOS and Windows.

What's new?


  • Added 'Record to step sequencer' option to record button.
  • DirectWave: Full sample filename is shown on sample tab.
  • ZGE Visualizer: Added "Uncompressed" to the video export options.


  • Diagnostic application is ported to macOS.

Bug-fixes (common):

  • Access violation when patterns in a group are cloned.
  • Cancelling "undo recorded stuff" removes audio clip from the playlist.
  • Can't remove generic links in some cases.
  • Channel with sample offset knob at 100% still makes sound when note is played.
  • Clicking on a clip in the playlist doesn't deselect items in the picker panel.
  • "Duplicates not allowed" error when saving files.
  • Export score to sheet uses incorrect time signatures.
  • Graph editor inverts appearance when resizing outside of the screen.
  • "Hold and stop" performance mode clips don't work on Machine Jam.
  • Incompatibilities in sample filenames between Windows and macOS versions of FL.
  • "Make unique" doesn't update the channel name if the channel currently has its default name.
  • Name of audio clips in the picker panel is not updated when the name is changed in the channel rack.
  • New automation clip is sometimes added to a hidden track.
  • PDC can get out of sync when moving mixer tracks around.
  • Preview of audio clip's sample doesn't have the same volume as playing the audio clip in the playlist.
  • Problems unlocking from the about window.
  • Startup log files are not deleted when they're too old.
  • Convolver: EQ background not painted properly.
  • DirectWave: Conflict between parameter name and value hints when using mouse wheel.
  • DirectWave: File creation error when using the drum stretching tool.
  • DirectWave: Crash loading project with zone names that include non-ASCII characters.
  • Gross Beat and Maximus: About image not scaled.
  • Newtone: Crash when its about window is shown.
  • Fruity Reeverb: FL 12.5 projects load in MID mode when they were saved as SIDE.
  • Transistor Bass: Wrong gate position when scaled.
  • Video Player: Crash.
  • Wave Traveller: Spline presets are saved incorrectly in 64-bit.
  • Wrapper: Doesn't show plugin and manual latency values properly.
  • Wrapper: Carious VST 3 plugins crash when the editor window is closed or opened.
  • Wrapper: VST 3 shell plugins are not loaded correctly.

Bug-fixes (macOS):

  • Reduced fan activity [caused by GUI load].
  • Alt + click in the playlist doesn't work correctly.
  • Arrow keys skip entries when navigating context menus.
  • Arturia plugins crash if their editor is open while FL is closed.
  • Crash creating thumbnails for Maxx' plugins.
  • Deferred generic messages don't work.
  • Detached windows don't get proper focus.
  • Detached windows are not hidden when FL is minimized.
  • Drawing issues with Maxx' plugins.
  • Freeze opening projects that have AU plugins and time signature changes.
  • Incorrect settings saved when Platform-M usb device is used.
  • MIDI controller types detected incorrectly.
  • No response to Akai MPK 261 MIDI commands.
  • Plugin database adds [64-bit] suffix for all plugins.
  • Problem replacing a sampler channel with a Granulizer.
  • Problems with keyboards that have a non-US layout.
  • Random crashes sending sysex messages to MIDI devices.
  • User interface isn't updated while processing.
  • Virtual MIDI ports are not detected.
  • Harmor: crash using image resynthesis.
  • Patcher: crash when adding plugins.
  • Slicex: Shift + drag doesn't add new slices.

Bug-fixes (Windows):

  • Closing FL opens folders in File Explorer.
  • When loading a zip file saved in macOS, FL tries to open a hidden file with the name of the project.


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