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Image Line updates DirectWave to v1.4.3

Image Line

Image Line has updated DirectWave to v1.4.3.

New features and changes since v1.4.1:

  • Updated import dll.
  • Now uses modeless downloader window.
  • Click on empty area in scrollbar(s) to go to that position.
  • Set max polyphony to 256.
  • Added browser preview volume knob.
  • Added "home" button to go back to the content library.
  • Shortened browser path that's shown (when it's in the content library path).
  • Added option to copy imported dwp and (temp) samples to the content library.
  • Re-arranged config dialog.
  • Now shows "monolithic format" warning if an external bank is imported without reference to wave files.
  • Now searches its own library folder for missing samples as well.
  • The user can now choose between demo and player mode, to try all features before buying.
  • Allow link and move drag&drop operations, not just copy.
  • FL version now stores samples in zipped flp file, if total recall is off.
  • FL version now shows selected program's name as the "short name" for the channel.
  • FL version now asks FL to find missing samples.
  • FL version: added popup menu for automatable parameters.

Bug fixes:

  • Overwrite existing wave files when sampling a VST (but only .wav files).
  • Make sure the sample rate is sent to the plugin before processing a VST plugin.
  • DW no longer steals keyboard focus, except for edit controls.
  • Loading a DWB file now tries to load a sample from file if it's not in the DWB.
  • DWB files now save a reference to the file instead of the sample data when total recall is off.
  • Fixed acm import - sample length wasn't adjusted after conversion (was sometimes less than predicted).
  • Fixed mouse position inaccuracy for pitch bend and mod sliders (multi tab).
  • Prevent crash when previewing samples in some cases.
  • Time stretch knobs are now also automatable.
  • Fixed crash when showing long program names in progress.
  • Fixed stack corruption around filename buffer when loading downloader dll.
  • Fixed crash when canceling"Browse" window in browser.
  • Fixed loading wave files by absolute filename.
  • Avoid "no disk in drive" error message when loading samples.
  • Fixed event handling for hosted VST plugin, it used a fixed size event buffer.
  • Fixed browser update after using "Browse" button.
  • Fixed PeekMessage loop on dll unload, to prevent crash in Podium.


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