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Chicken Systems announces seven new Translator Special Editions

Chicken Systems

Chicken Systems has announced seven new Translator Special Editions.

Translator Special Editions are fully-functioning versions of Chicken System's Translator program, except they only convert to one or more specific formats. The MSRP on them is 50% of the Translator Pro version, which converts into every available Instrument format.

The new Special Editions are:

  • Structure Edition: Converts into Digidesign's Structure sampler, as well as SampleCell (this is the updated version of the older SampleCell Edition). The Windows version is now released; Mac version is forthcoming.
  • MachFive Edition: Converts into MOTU's MachFive sampler (support for MachFive 2 is upcoming). The Windows version is now released; Mac version is forthcoming.
  • Cakewalk Edition: Converts into Cakewalk Dimensions SFZ format, plus adds support for Project 5's DS-864 sampler and smaller scale Velocity sampler. The Windows version is now released; Mac version is forthcoming.
  • ShortCircuit Edition: Converts into Vember Audio's Shortcircuit FREE sampler (Note: this retails for $49.95, down another 30%).
  • Directwave Edition: Converts into FL Studio's Directwave sampler format (NOTE: this improves on the native conversions, as it converts into .dwp format).
  • Wusikstation Edition: Converts into Wusik's Wusikstation sample-playback system.
  • NexSyn Edition: Converts into KeyToSound's NexSyn MAP format. The Windows version is now released; Mac version is forthcoming.

Translator Special Editions can be purchased at SamplerZone.com for MSRP of $79.95.

Previously released Special Edition include:

  • Translator Giga Edition: converts into all versions of Giga.
  • Translator EXS-24 Edition (Windows and Mac): converts into Apple's EXS24.
  • Translator SampleTank Edition (Windows and Mac): converts into all versions of SampleTank.
  • Translator HALion Edition (Windows and Mac): converts into Steinberg's HALion 1 and 2.
  • Translator NI Edition: converts into Kontakt, battery, and Reaktor formats.
  • Translator Motif Edition: converts into Motif Original, Motif ES, and Motif XS.
  • Translator Korg Edition (Windows and Mac): converts into all variants of the Triton.
  • Translator Hi-Tech Edition: converts from Synclavier, Fairlight, and Waveframe into all other formats.
  • Translator Akai Edition: converts into S-1000/3000, and all versions of MPC.
  • Translator Roland Edition: converts into S-7x, XV-5080, Fantom, and MV-8000 Series.
  • Translator Ensoniq Edition: converts into Ensoniq EPS/ASR, and the ASR-X.
  • Translator Emu Edition: converts into ESi, Emulator 4, and EMulatorX samplers.
  • Translator Reason Edition: converts into Reason NN-XT.
  • Translator SoundFont Edition: converts into all versions of SOundFont (16-bit and 24-bit).


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