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Insert Piz Here updates Mr. Alias Pro to v2.4

Insert Piz Here

Insert Piz Here has updated Mr. Alias Pro to v2.4. Some of the big changes include drawable/saveable/loadable waveforms, a bank of 128 new patches, skinning improvements (including new "Wood" skin), host-syncable LFOs, more modulation options, and lots more.

Among the changes in this version is a new license keyfile system. To get the plug-in out of "demo" mode, a valid keyfile must be present. These are in the process of being e-mailed to all registered users.

This update includes many more bug fixes and new features. Most of the additions are detailed in the updated user's manual. The full change log is as follows:

  • Added drawable waveforms (256-sample).
  • Added secret loadable waveforms (4096-sample).
  • Unlock demo version with license key file.
  • Made Randomize button automatable.
  • Added option to apply MIDI mapping to whole bank by default.
  • Added mod wheel and pitch wheel as mod sources.
  • Added skinnable indicator in main menu for assigned modulation routings ("dot.png").
  • Can use png for skinning background images ("bg.png" and "page2.png").
  • Added "Wood" skin.
  • Changed folder structure in MrAliasPro folder.
  • Added new default bank with 128 new patches (old one still included).
  • Included "Amateur" bank from non-pro version.
  • Dragging multiple patches at once will load all of them.
  • GUI size is saved only with default bank and plugin state.
  • Added "settings.ini" file.
  • Last used patch/bank folder is remembered in settings.ini.
  • Last used drawable waveform folder is remembered in settings.ini.
  • Added skin selection from main menu (saved in settings.ini).
  • Added support for user-defined default patch ("Init.MrAliasPatch").
  • Shift-click Reset button to reset whole bank to default patch.
  • Added current value display to right-click control menu.
  • Added link to user's manual from main menu.
  • Added previously non-modulatable parameters to mod menu (experimental, new ones in red).
  • Shift-click / Shift-Alt-click randomize button to randomize mod matrix.
  • Added modulation source selection to control popup menu.
  • Added option to sync LFOs to host tempo.
  • Added "P" button for assignable envelope.
  • Fixed bug with channel pressure as modulation source.
  • Fixed bug with saving mod matrix to bank.
  • Fixed bug with large modulation of certain parameters.
  • Fixed bug with formant filter blowing up.
  • Fixed AU version not working on some systems (Mac OS 10.6.1).
  • Added AU effect version.
  • Fixed envelope release bug with "micro" monophonic mode.
  • Glide knob now shows for "micro" monophonic mode.
  • Fixed bug when loading banks containing programs with no mod matrix data.
  • Added button to toggle interpolation on waveforms (default off).
  • Added hard clipper after limiter.
  • Updated manual with more detail about effects, waveforms, etc.


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