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Intermorphic releases Noatikl 2


Intermorphic has announced the release of Noatikl 2, a major new version of the powerful generative music software tool.

With the release of Noatikl 2, it now includes the advanced Partikl MIDI, Sound & FX multi-synth for sound generation and can also generate / send MIDI notes and controller info to control settings of favourite external synths, FX units & samplers.

Noatikl 2 also includes all the Mixtikl-included Tiklpaks so you can start with some great sound templates, and you can also now tweet your pieces as "partikls" (for other Noatikl users to play) or as "mixtikls" for people with Mixtikl or Mixtikl Free to play.

What's New in Noatikl 2

  • Integrated Partikl multisynth & modular synth/fx network:
    • Built-in support for the the advanced Partikl MIDI, sound & FX multi-synth for sound generation as previously featured in Mixtikl.
    • Full MIDI output support still retained; Partikl output is optional (but enabled by default).
    • Partikl? checkbox in transport panel makes it a snap to enable/disable Partikl output.
    • Makes it easy for new Noatikl users to get going without any preparation of hooking-up to separate synthesizers; Noatikl makes sounds right out of the box.
    • MIDI output from Noatikl is now optional - no need to configure Noatikl with MIDI devices.
    • Plug-ins: Noatikl generates both optional Partikl audio data (new.) and MIDI data (1.x).
    • The complete set of synth/effects presets as featured in Mixtikl.
    • Supports built-in custom sample wavetable (DLS1/Ogg/Wav based) (dialogs not available Mixtikl).
    • By default, now saves to .partikl format, which includes all Noatikl rule data and associated Partikl sound data.
  • New main Noatikl Network editor view:
    • Shows both Noatikl Voice networks and Partikl Synth/Effects network.
    • Drag Voice to MIDI Channel (or vice-versa) for easy MIDI channel mapping.
    • Drag Voice to Voice for easy Follow/Repeat voice networks.
    • Tap synth/effects boxes to pop-up built-in Partikl FX/Synth network/unit and sample editors.
    • Supports built-in custom sample wavetable (DLS1/Ogg/Wav based).
    • Improved Transport panel.
  • Templates from Mixtikl now built-in:
    • BellsMetalsArps.
    • Dronemaker1.
    • Gen Drums 1 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99).
    • Gen Drums 1 Owt.
    • Gen Drums 2 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99).
    • Gen Drums 2 Owt.
    • Gen Elements 1 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99).
    • Gen Elements 1 Synth.
    • GenMix1.
    • GenMix2.
    • GenMix3.
    • GenMix4.
    • GenMix5.
    • GenMix6.
    • GenMix7.
    • Noatikl Seed.
    • LoopBeats 1.
    • LoopBeats 2.
    • ZZZ_rests.
  • Built-in support for playing partikl:// and noatikl:// URLs:
    • Share your Noatikl compositions via Twitter.
    • Export your Noatikl compositions as "mixtikls" so Mixtikl / Mixtikl Free users can hear them.
  • New Menu options:
    • Export -> Export With Partikl Sounds.
    • Export -> Export as Mixtikl Mix (share your Noatikl compositions with Mixtikl users - even those with Mixtikl Free.).
    • Export -> Export Noatikl Rules.
    • Export -> Save As Noatikl Rules.
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> Noatikl MIDI Recordings.
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> ~/Library/Noatikl (Mac only.).
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> Noatikl data folder.
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> Partikl TG.
    • Tools -> Show Folders -> Partikl FX.
    • Options -> Devices -> Output.
    • Options -> Devices -> Input.
    • Help -> Other IM Creativity Tools -> Mixtikl / Liptikl.
  • Minor changes:
    • Replaced the Pattern Editor dialog "Default" button with a "Presets" button, matching all various options in Mixtikl's drill-down Noatikl editor. This makes it *far* faster to get going with patterns.
    • Mac: by default use ~/Library/Noatikl, rather than ~/Documents/intermorphic/noatikl.
    • Renamed various items in the Noatikl object/parameter group side-bar.
    • If you try closing when a modified file is mid-edit, you're prompted first to save or close the file.
    • Various bug fixes.

Pricing & Availability

Noatikl costs $49.99 each for the stand-alone or plug-in versions. Customers who purchased Noatikl 1.x on or after Nov 1st 2011 are entitled to free upgrades.



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