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Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.6.0.4


Intermorphic has updated all versions of Mixtikl to version

Changes in Mixtikl v2.6.0.4:

  • New: Mix recording - revised UI, improved operation & new Mixdown audio recording option for making high quality mix recordings in non-realtime.
  • New: Mic recording - revised UI and improved operation.
  • New: Mix EQ - old control now replaced with a full-featured EQ editor.
  • New [Desktop version]: Partikl Editor - added an new "Tone: Wavetable" unit.
  • New [Desktop version]: Partikl Editor - added offsets (octave/semi/micro) to the Tone: DSynth unit.
  • New [Desktop version]: Partikl Editor - allows mixing of inputs from as many disparate Tone generators as required in the synth line (mixing using an audio junction).
  • Improved: Better looking skin design.
  • Improved: Removed the red "recording" cell overlay when making a live recording.
  • Improved: Shorter Pak demo mix names to make it easier to see different recordings.
  • Improved: Clearer message when exporting mixes for tweet/email.
  • Fixed: New Mix menu Tiklpak checkbox filters now work correctly.
  • Fixed: Crash when browsing for content outside of the <Documents>/intermorphic folder...
  • Fixed: Content Cell audio can now stream (useful for larger recordings not needing the option of being pitch/tempo shifted).
  • Fixed: Many other smaller bug fixes.

Get the Desktop update here. Get the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch update from the Apple App Store.



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