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Chicken Systems updates Translator v6.0 to Build 26

Chicken Systems

Chicken Systems has updated Translator v6.0 to Build 26.


  • [ALL] Support for SoundFonts >2GB.
  • [ALL] Added Kontakt 4.2/5 'Assumed Parameters' to compensate for what.
  • it can't read: VelAmp and OneShot (Bias can take care of the rest).
  • [ALL] Fixed some Giga-> issues when the there are same-named samples.
  • [ALL] Fixed some instances when bulk converting nested folder structures into non-nested (flat) structures such as Banks or Volumes.
  • [ALL] Fixed reading textual floating point representations -0.0 to -1.0.
  • [ALL] Now reads mappings of Kontakt 5 monoliths.
  • [ALL] Fixed reading MPC2000 (plain) disks.
  • [ALL] Now converts MPC Partitions and Folder contents in single Bank files.
  • [ALL] Fixed PitchEnv amounts to follow actual cents, makes amounts more accurate.
  • [ALL] Now plays back SoundFont dual-mono files as stereo.
  • [ALL] Added One-Shot to Bias parameters.
  • [EMU] Fixed free version moving Banks from E3 disks.
  • [NI] Now turns off DFD if Sample Start is modulated.
  • [KORG] Fixed Kronos issues with incoming Coarse Tune >12 semitones.
  • [KORG] Fixed issues merging into existing Kronos banks.
  • [KORG] Clarified converting ->Kronos: Virtual Memory RAM, and Sampling Mode.
  • [ROLAND] Fixed ->Fantom-G issues when converting into existing banks.
  • [ALL] General Maintenance.


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