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Jucetice updates Jost to v0.5.0


Jucetice has updated Jost to v0.5.0.


  • Aligned to latest juce in svn repository.
  • Added juce_amalgamated instead of libjuce to improve build time (and to favour gcc optimizations).
  • Added initial ALSA support besides JACK.
  • Added a device selection window (alsa, jack) with output selection (and buffersize).
  • Added plugin MIDIPADS courtesy by ThePiz.
  • Added a MIDI monitor plugin.
  • Added an audio meter (gain/spectrum) plugin.
  • Added lasso component to select plugins (still moving plugins with mouse is not implemented).
  • Fixed plugin version to work with QTractor (latest cvs) and Renoise (i hope finally...).
  • Fixed lash support (still disabled by default but can be enabled using premake).
  • Fixed a couple of asserts in MIDI output code.
  • Cleaned a bit the internal host handling of the selected plugins.
  • Cleaned the GUI plugin window managed by the host (may experience problems on some plugins).
  • Fixed the menu option New session was not present.
  • Improved makefiles, while still using premake (runpremake –help to see the options).
  • Zapped the options panel from the plugins window and placed a "options" menu instead.
  • Disabled jackbridge for 32<>64 bit, until i write it as a specific JUCE's AudioDevice.
  • Disabled external jack sync, until it will be supported in JUCE's AudioDeviceManager.


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