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Klanghelm updates DC1A, VUMT and DC8C (incl. RTAS support)


Klanghelm has released updates for DC1A, VUMT and DC8C (incl. RTAS).

What's new/changed/fixed?

DC1A – the free character compressor and little brother of DC8C:

  • Added RTAS support (OS X and Windows).
  • Cleaned up GUI resources.
  • Code optimizations.

VUMT – VU/PPM and trim plug-in:

  • Added RTAS support (OS X and Windows).
  • FIX: hold needle now showing up correctly in every situation.
  • FIX: VST3: unreadable reference level fixed.
  • Very minor needle behavior improvements.

DC8C – advanced compressor:

  • NEW: RTAS support (Windows only).
  • Improved automation behavior.
  • Less CPU consumption when oversampling turned on.
  • Cleaned up GUI resources.
  • Internal code optimizations.
  • FIX: AU: turning HP know in SC listen mode doesn't mute output anymore.
  • FIX: OS X: buttons behave correctly now in Ableton Live.
  • FIX: OS X: value displays no longer don't flicker when turning a knob.
  • FIX: OS X: improved readability of the value displays.

Due to the fair amount of work/time involved in porting the plugins to RTAS, the prices have been adjusted slightly. That means, VUMT will cost €8 from September 16, 2012.

DC8C is still available for €20 until a native solution for the ProTools users on OS X is ready (be it RTAS or AAX).

DC1A will stay free.



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