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Klanghelm releases VUMT 2 and VUMT deluxe


Klanghelm has released VUMT 2 and VUMT deluxe. VUMT is an analog style metering, gain staging and channel tool.

New in VUMT 2:

  • VUMT has been rewritten from the ground up.
  • VUMT solo and duo are now merged into a single plugin, and you can switch from solo to dual meter view with a single click.
  • GUI resizing.
  • A proper preset browser with easy copy/paste/save as default.
  • VU, PPM (DIN Type I) and RMS metering.
  • Improved hold needle, peak LED and meter value readouts (incl. the option the set the hold times to infinity).
  • Fully customizable meter ballistics, incl. overshoot parameter for the VU.
  • Adjustable needle refresh rate.
  • An editable instance label.
  • Many options to show/hide elements from the GUI incl. a meters-only view.
  • VUMT includes 8 different skins now.
  • Rewritten standalone application:
    • The current state of the app is automatically saved upon close and recalled when re-opening the app.
    • Always-on-top option.

In addition to everything VUMT (standard) has to offer, VUMT deluxe includes the following features:

  • More metering scales: BBC, EBU, Nordic.
  • Frequency weighting in RMS mode (A, B, C and D - weighting curves).
  • Channel tools: mute, polarity reverse and a monitor section.
  • Additional signal processing tools/track utilities:
  • Filters: HPF and LPF (6dB, 12dB, 24dB).
  • A single band dynamic EQ (selectable dynamic HPF, LPF and BPF) to remove resonances, control the top/-low-end of mixes or for quick and easy de-essing.
  • A mono maker to narrow down the stereo image below a certain frequency.
  • A contrasting meter GUI for each skin.


  • VUMT (standard) costs 14 €.
  • VUMT deluxe costs 22 €.

VUMT 2 (standard) is a free update for users of VUMT 1.x. Simply log in to your Klanghelm account and download the new version. There's also an upgrade path to VUMT deluxe available for users of VUMT 1.x or the new VUMT standard version. You can upgrade to VUMT deluxe any time for 10€ by logging in to your Klanghelm account, and use the Paypal button in there.

Note for users of VUMT 1.x: the new version uses a new pluginID, so it doesn't replace instances of V1.x in existing projects.

VUMT and VUMT deluxe are available in the following formats:

  • Windows: VST, AAX, Standalone.
  • Mac: AU, VST, AAX, Standalone.


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