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KVR Developer Challenge 2012LVC-Audio releases ClipShifter v2.0.0


LVC-Audio has updated ClipShifter to version 2.0.0.

ClipShifter is a clipping-style limiter that provides enough user controls to be useful in all mixing stages. ClipShifter uses a unique threshold control to change the clipping threshold dynamically based on the transient characteristics of the incoming audio. The sonic characteristics of the clipping distortion can be altered from hard, brickwall-style clipping, to softer saturation with compression. Additional parameters allow the user to control the even- and odd-order components of the saturation.

ClipShifter 2.0.0 includes the following updates from version 1.0.3 (part of the KVR DC12).

User Interface:

  • Redesigned user interface.
  • Optimized rendering.
  • Adjustable waveform history viewer.
  • Pause and reset button on waveform history.
  • VU loudness output meter.

Controls and processing:

  • Attack and Release time changed from a linear curve to a logarithmic attack and release curve.
  • Harmonics control: Add even-order harmonics control to output.
  • Preset control: Export current preset to text, and import/load clipboard contents to plugin.

Price: $11.76. ClipShifter is released as both a free and paid plugin. The paid plugin adds oversampling (2, 4, and 8 times), and a 3-way multiband frequency control. The multiband frequency control can be used to apply clipping to certain frequency bands, while the free version applies the audio clipping to the entire frequency spectrum.



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