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Maizesoft announces Maize Sampler 2 (incl. Mac AU)


Maizesoft has announced Maize Sampler 2, a complete rebuild of the plug-in sampler / sample player with VST instrument export that will see it go cross-platform with AU support on Mac OS X.

The highlighted new features include:

  • Cross-platform: Maize Sampler 2 Editor will support both Windows & Mac OS X. The player plug-in is also cross-platform (VST on Windows and AU on Mac)
  • New editor GUI: the editor will be a standalone application instead of a plug-in. In this way, the GUI of the editor is very flexible and professional. New features can be added without modifying the graphics. Another thing is that the new editor will have two different views: Mapping view and Table view. This is handy for editing overlapped samples.
  • Disk-streaming & Memory: both buffering modes are supported. You can use DFD for instrument which has a lot of long samples or use all-memory for instruments which only have short samples to avoid any disk latency.
  • 16bit/32bit internal precision switch: There is really no need to create a 32bit buffer for instrument which only uses 16bit samples. This could boost the performance dramatically for some instruments.
  • Group Selection: group selection (used to be layer switch) are way more flexible now. Maize Sampler 2 support key switch, controller range switch, program change switch and MIDI channel switch.
  • Overlapped Trigger: how do you want to trigger the overlapped samples? The options are stack trigger, round robin trigger and random robin trigger.
  • A lot more.


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