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MidiKarval releases Sequential Channel Changer


MidiKarval has released Sequential Channel Changer (SCC), a MIDI VST plug-in that allows you to change the MIDI channel on which your MIDI keyboard is transmitting. This can be done under two different modes of operation:

  • scc.pngCC Switch Mode:
    • You can change the MIDI channel by sending CC values within the CC number shown in the "Channel Switcher" field. This parameter is a perfect match for a rotary knob or fader sending all of the CC values (0-127).
    • Additionally, you can increment through a predefined sequence of MIDI channels stored in a “.scc” file (after having loaded it), by sending the CC number shown in the "Sequence Trigger" field and value 0 or 127. This is most appropriate for use with a button or pedal.
  • CC&PC Switch Mode:
    • You can change the MIDI channel not only as explained above, but also by sending program change messages.
    • You can choose which PC message range to use for changing the MIDI channel by setting the "First PC #": it and the following 15 PC messages numbers will change MIDI channels 1 thru 16. PC numbers outside of this range will pass through the plug-in and can be used to change your VSTi presets (unless the "PC filter" is turned on, see below).
    • If you want to prevent any and all PC messages from reaching your VSTi, you can set the "PC Filter" to the "On" position. The "PC Filter" setting is stored in the ".scc" file and can also be manipulated through your host's MIDI automation system.
    • If you want to increment a predefined sequence of MIDI channels stored in a.scc file (after having loaded it), you can send the program change message number shown in the "Sequence Trigger" field.

All the SCC's settings and the channels sequence are stored in a text file with extension ".scc". You can write a.scc file for each song with a text editor and rename it with the name of the relevant song and the extension ".scc": the name of the file you have loaded appears on the SCC's interface for quick reference.

SCC costs €10 and is available for Windows.



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