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MidiKarval updates B4 Controller v1.2


MidiKarval has updated B4 Controller v1.2, a free update for existing owners which features a number of changes since v1.1:

Changes in the GUI
The B4 Controller interface has been completely redesigned. Moreover, now all the functions can be activated/deactivated directly clicking on the relevant labels with the mouse's left button (whilst clicking on the labels with the right button allows to change the value shown on each label).

"Presets" Section
New "UPPER MANUAL ONLY" function: if activated, the "Inverted Keys" function doesn't work on the lower keyboard, but on the upper keyboard only, so that one can use the whole range of the lower keyboard, eventually in the "Pedals/Lower Split" mode.

"Manuals" Section
New PEDALS "COUPLER" AND "STACCATO" functions: when the "Pedals/Lower Split" and the "Ped./Lower Coupler" functions are active, using the "pedals octaves" of the keyboard one can play in unison the pedals and the lower manual, as many great jazz organists do. Moreover the pedals can sound as "staccato" (like an upright bass, whilst the "meat of the bass" comes from the lower manual sound). Changing the value in the "Staccato" label, one can activate/deactivate the "Staccato" mode and select the relevant length, expressed in milliseconds (from 20 to 400 ms).



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