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Mogees releases Tutorial Videos for iOS and Mac users


Mogees has released a set of tutorial videos showing how Mogees, the vibration sensor + gesture recognition music software, works with iOS and Mac.

The videos include:

Mogees for iOS tutorial

How to use Mogees with Ableton Live

How to use Mogees with Logic Pro X

The Technology

Turn a tree into a harp. Turn a table into a drumkit. Turn a chair into a MIDI controller. The Mogees sensor is a high quality contact microphone that captures every vibration a user creates as they play any object using their custom Mogees adapter. The sensor detects the vibrations created when touching the physical object and sends them to the Mogees software, which detects the audio frequencies generated by gestures and tunes the sound of an instrument accordingly in real-time.

The software can learn a series of different 'gestures' recorded by the users, such as taps or scratches and recognise them during performance. Each gesture a user records can be either associated to MIDI notes, samples, or one of a growing collection of Mogees sound engines,
specially designed to allow fine grain control over synthesis parameters with a user's gestures.

Sound Engines
Four Mogees sound engines are already available in the app, and more will be added soon:

  • Muon: a physical modelling re-synthesiser. Every acoustic sound in the real world is created by an impact of two bodies: a resonator (for example the string of a guitar) and an exciter (for example a plectrum). With Muon it is possible to emulate the sound of a variety of resonators made of different materials, where the exciter becomes any sound captured by the Mogees sensor.
  • Interpol808 : a classic drum machine emulator;
  • Blue Steel : a complex Karplus-Strong steel string resonator;
  • Foxtrot : a retro-electro percussive drum synth.

Mogees can be synced with existing tracks. Every MIDI note and parameter of the sounds a user associates to their gestures can be automated from a sequencer. For example, a user can associate a thumb tap with a bass synth and its notes will change accordingly on where they are in the song. Anything can be turned into a MIDI controller. Gestures can trigger different MIDI notes with velocity and control any synth or effect. A user can control a reverb effect by hitting the side of a drum, or by tapping on the body of a guitar.

The Mogees plug-in contains all of the features from the Mogees iOS App including 4 diverse sound engines an intelligent real-time gesture recognition, and extends its capabilities for use within the studio or on stage. The plug-in features full MIDI integration from inside all popular DAWs like Ableton Live, Logic, Garageband and many others. Multiple Mogees sensors can be connected to an audio interface and run many instances of the plug-in at the same time.



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