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Auddict releases OctoHorn French Horns for Kontakt


Auddict has released OctoHorn, an eight-play French Horn Ensemble sample library for Kontakt version 4 and above.

Octohorn includes seven mic positions/perspectives, which can be mixed via the faders in the instrument interface, including:

  • Decca Sides.
  • Decca Mid.
  • Flanks.
  • Woodwind Spots.
  • Close LDCs.
  • Close Ribbons.
  • Room Pair.

The woodwind spots pair was included and set up as if there were woodwind players there, to accommodate the fact that a lot of the brass sound in a session bleeds into the woodwind microphones, and aids the feeling of perceived "depth" in a recorded score.

There are three available legato modes. Normal (slurred) legato, octave legato, and fast legato, which includes specially sampled fast legato intervals for more speedy scale like passages and runs.

Articulation List:

  • No Legato (polyphonic playing).
  • Legato.
  • Octave Legato.
  • Fast Legato.
  • Stutter (quick grace note before main sustain on the same pitch as the played note).
  • Staccato (Three dynamic levels, and up to 5 RR each).
  • Major, Minor and open 5th chords crescendo and diminuendo.

Price: £90.00. Opening Sale Price: £45.00.



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