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Momo release KORG "MicroKorg XL and XL+ MIDI Editor" and updates JP-08 MIDI Editor


Momo has released MicroKorg XL and XL+ MIDI Editor, a VST Plugin Editor / Controller for the Korg "MicroKorg XL" and "MicroKorg XL+".

It's a Remote and a Sound Editor. It is designed to provide simple access to all important parameters. It is available as a VST Editor and a Standalone Editor for PC 32/64-bit and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone.

The "MicroKorg XL" and "MicroKorg XL+" parameters can be automated and they can be stored in your Project. With the X-Y Pad any controller can be selected and controlled. The user can select the sound off the "MicroKorg XL" and "MicroKorg XL+" (Patch Number A11-B88). Many hidden parameters can be changed on the "MicroKorg XL and XL+ Editor", and stored on the MiroKorg Hardware.

Price: €5,90.

Video: YouTube.com/watch?v=lcPjWQloUkk

Momo has also released an update for its Roland Boutique JP-08 MIDI Editor.


  • New: the hidden parameter "Chorus" can be controlled with the "JP-08 MIDI Editor".

You need the JP-08 System Update Version 1.10.

Price: €5,90.



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