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MOTU updates Digital Performer to v9.0.2


MOTU has updated Digital Performer for Mac OS X and Windows to v9.0.2.

Version 9.0.2 introduces the following new features:

  • Support for 3rd-party video hardware — On OS X 10.7 or later, you can now use devices from Blackmagic Design and AJA Video Systems to stream video output from Digital Performer. Choose the device in the same fashion as described for MOTU video hardware in the DP User Guide. This feature is Mac-only.
  • Support for Softube's Console 1 — Softube's Console 1 is an integrated hardware/software mixing solution that brings the feel of a real console to Digital Performer. Console 1 includes SSL SL 4000 E, a modeled analog console channel plug-in with 4-band EQ, compression, emulated analog console saturation, and a unique Dynamic Shaper.
  • More vertical zooming in the Tracks Overview — Version 9.0.2 adds more vertical zoom steps to the Tracks Overview so that tracks can be even taller.
  • View menu — The new View menu consolidates many features in Digital Performer related to managing view-related commands and preferences. The "View Filter" command has been moved to the View menu and renamed "Filters". A large number of commands for manipulating the visibility of tracks in windows have been added, and they are also available in the standalone Track Selector's mini- menu.
  • Track selector enhancements — The Tracks Overview can now display the Track Selector like other windows. The Track Selector can be popped out of the Consolidated Window as a stand-alone, global window that affects all windows. The Tracks Selector list now indicates which tracks are currently record-enabled (bold) and disabled (italic), at a glance. New commands in the new View menu allow you to take a snapshot of which tracks are currently visible in the Track Selector and save the snapshot as a track layout. Saved track layouts appear in the View menu and Commands window list, where they can be assigned hot keys for instant recall. Track layouts are bound to their sequence chunk and saved with the project.
  • Select All — The Select All command now only applies to the tracks visible (including closed folders) in a given window rather than all tracks in the sequence.
  • Muting selected audio — Using the Mute Selection command to mute or unmute a time range selection now scissors audio at the end points of the selection, e.g. you can select a subregion of a soundbite and toggle mute to mute just the selected area.
  • Display preference for grid lines — There is a new display preference for showing and hiding grid lines, instead of their visibility being bound to snapping being enabled or disabled. This defaults to being turned on. If you prefer to only see the edit grid while snapping, uncheck View > Grid > Edit Lines and make sure Edit Lines While Snapping is enabled.
  • Countoff while slaved to external sync — DP's Countoff feature now works while DP is slaved to external sync and AutoRecord is enabled. The click counts off to DP's punch-in time.
  • Send knobs readouts — Added readouts for send knobs on mouse-over that you can optionally type into. Option-clicking will immediately start editing the readout.
  • New commands — New commands have been added for changing which track or chunk is showing in the focused editor and duplicating takes on two or more selected tracks.

Enhancements introduced in version 9.0.2

Version 9.0.2 provides many improvements, optimizations, and refinements. Here are just a few highlights:

  • [Mac] Fixed a crash with the Welcome window triggered by certain third-party plug-ins.
  • [Mac] Fixed the Spotlight help menu in Japanese.
  • Fixed a crash importing groups of sound files with mismatched sample rates.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a patch change to a clipping from the ME would hang.
  • Fixed a crash when instantiating a surround panner via the right-click context menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the last tempo event in the conductor track overview in the Tracks Overview might not appear graphically.
  • Fixed a crash merging a pop-edited soundbite.
  • Record next/previous track commands now follow the track order based on what's visible in the Tracks Overview.
  • The Show/Hide Track Selector command now works in the Tracks Overview.
  • Fixed a crash deleting a console item.
  • Fixed the scroll bar in the Sequence Editor's track selector.
  • Fixed a crash with surround send panners when switching the send destination.
  • Kontakt 5.5.1 VST no longer fails examination.
  • Fixed an issue where very large timestamps might not export correctly in WAVE files.
  • Improved performance of the Movie window.
  • Improved graphical performance when recording lots of audio.
  • Added an embedded Track Selector to the Tracks Overview.
  • Fixed deleting effects from custom categories.
  • Fixed zooming in the conductor track ruler in the Sequence Editor.
  • Fixed mute tool undo.
  • Fixed an issue where certain clicks might not play back at sample rates other than 44.1kHz.
  • Fixed issues resizing effect windows.
  • [Win] Fixed Japanese localization in the L.A.M.E export plugin.
  • [Mac] Use the proper system font for menus on 10.10+.
  • Floating windows except toolbars no longer hide when switching to another application.
  • Enabled "Edge Edit Copy" by default.
  • Newly created soundbites will be labeled as "bite#.4" instead of "bite.4" to remove ambiguity so that bites intentionally ending with numbers (e.g., timecode) don't get treated as bite numbers.
  • Improved project sizes and load and save times in large templates with lots of tracks.
  • [Win] Fixed the Welcome Window on Windows 10.
  • Fixed a graphical issue where plug-in UIs or consolidated window cells might not be placed correctly after dragging the containing window.
  • Fixed a crash when restoring a window set with the QuickScribe window.
  • Fixed an issue dragging multiple items to a category in the effect chooser.
  • Fixed a crash when copying a console item.
  • Fixed a crash when attaching to a Mixing Board item while in MIDI Learn mode.
  • Fixed a crash when undoing during analysis.
  • [Win] Fixed an issue where MP3 exports wouldn't have the .mp3 extension.
  • Fixed an issue where opening an empty plug-in window with Shift-F wouldn't float according to the preference.
  • [Win] Fixed international keyboard support for certain characters, such as '<' and '>' on Italian keyboard layouts or chords involving the Alt Gr key.
  • Fixed an issue where tap tempo didn't work reliably when tapping faster than the current tempo.
  • Fixed an issue where nudging by milliseconds the same amount in either direction might be off by a few samples from the initial position.
  • Fixed an issue where imported movie audio didn't have the correct timestamp.
  • Fixed the pitch bypass button.
  • Improved performance of commands encompassing lots of tracks.
  • Fix occasional crashes caused by unloading plug-ins dynamic libraries when shutting down MAS.
  • Fixed a crash when inserting a CC into the MIDI Editor.
  • Fixed a bug where rectified waveforms weren't drawing correctly.
  • Improved display of muted soundbites and MIDI notes.
  • Added the Waveform Editor to the Open In editors in contextual menus where appropriate.
  • Changed the default selection color to the theme selection color instead of the system selection color.
  • Fixed an issue where the Erase command might not correctly be bound to the Delete key.
  • Made the insertion point more visible in dark themes.
  • Fixed a bug where VSTs or Carbon-based AUs weren't displayed properly when running in 32-bit.
  • Fixed crashes hiding and showing lanes.
  • Improved the performance of undos involving large numbers of tracks.
  • [Win] Fixed pencilling CCs in the SE.
  • [Win] Fixed a hang when resizing the movie track in the SE.
  • Improved performance of the EuCon control surface driver with large numbers of tracks.


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