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Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9749


Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.9749.

Bug Fixes in Version 0.9749:

  • Audio File Player/Recorder: some channel configurations are missing.
  • AU hosting: plugins are not always informed correctly of offline rendering.
  • Basic Audio Buffer 2: length of saved buffer is off by one sample.
  • DSP Adapter: crashes can occur with some Spectral bidules on specific oversampling and buffer size combinations.
  • OS X: on 10.11 progress dialogs sometimes do not show actual progress.
  • OS X: on retina display, the position of added bidule through the context menu can be off.
  • OS X: trackpad handling is wrong over some controls.
  • OS X: some AUs do not show the list of .aupreset files on disk.
  • Parameter Pool: removing of bidules with multiple parameters or when there are many parameter links can be very slow.
  • Polyphonic Adapter: program change messages are not sent to all voices.
  • ReWire Mode (Windows): logging to file can occur more frequently than intended in some hosts.
  • VST hosting: dynamic parameter Cockos extension is not implemented.
  • VST version: some cases of offline rendering from host are not handled.
  • VST version OS X: ReWire mixer support is disabled (added option to enable it).
  • VST3 hosting: plugins are not always informed correctly of offline rendering.

Version 0.9748:

  • Added MIDI Monitor (passthrough).

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed possible crash happening when deleting or unset dsp/polyphonic adapters.
  • DSP Adapter: added config entry to set the resampler quality (1 to 10): DSP.resamplerQuality.
  • MIDI input: jitter auto-correct could be engaged when it shouldn't be.
  • OSC: some incoming messages were not processed.
  • OS X: crash can occur when double-click on a .bidule file and the default file is very large.
  • OS X: try to do a better job at preserving virtual MIDI input+output when the loaded file was saved with a different number of virtual MIDI i/os.
  • OS X 32-bit VST: showing progress dialog can cause problem in Renoise.
  • OS X 64-bit: stack of message dialogs at launch could end up not being auto-dismissed.
  • OS X 64-bit: Waveview does not expand correctly by default.
  • VST Hosting: added extra protection for VSTs saying they handle mono input but don't really do it.
  • VST Version: added config entry to disable speaker arrangement support on a per host basis.
  • Windows: change VST folder path preference to append any newly selected directory to the list of VST paths.


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