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Native Instruments releases Komplete 12 - Kontakt 6 and more

Native Instruments

As announced a few weeks ago, Native Instruments has released Komplete 12 featuring Kontakt 6 and more.

Read about Komplete 12 here. A complete overview of what's new in Kontakt 6 is available here. Read on for a list of changes in Kontakt 6.

Kontakt 6.0.2


  • There is now a Wavetable source module mode.
  • Kontakt can now be used in conjunction with Creator Tools.
  • There is now a new Replika Delay.
  • There are now three new reverbs (Room, Hall and Plate).
  • There is now a Cry Wah guitar effect.
  • There is now a new Multi Digital mode for LFO.
  • KSP: There is now a wavetable UI Widget for real time wavetable visualization (ui_wavetable).
  • KSP: Dynamic Fonts can now be used in Kontakt instruments' UI's with get_font_id().
  • KSP: Variables and arrays can now be watched on Creator Tools with watch_var() and watch_array_idx().
  • KSP: $NI_BAR_START_POSITION returns position of the last downbeat in 960 ticks per quarter note (host dependent).
  • KSP: The mouse event type (click, drag or release) that triggered a ui_control callback can now be queried for ui_xy controls ($NI_MOUSE_EVENT_TYPE).
  • KSP: New control parameters for buttons, switches and menus for selecting different fonts for different states ($CONTROL_PAR_FONT_TYPE_ON, $CONTROL_PAR_FONT_TYPE_ON_PRESSED, $CONTROL_PAR_FONT_TYPE_ON_HOVER, etc.).
  • KSP: There is now the option to quickly disable emission of messages, warnings or watched variable events to both the Kontakt Status Bar and Creator Tools; use disable_logging() with $NI_LOG_MESSAGE, $NI_LOG_WARNING or $NI_LOG_WATCHING as the argument.
  • KSP: There is now the option to deactivate text position shifting when clicking on buttons and switches ($CONTROL_PAR_DISABLE_TEXT_SHIFTING).


  • Effects are now organized in categories in the "Add Effect" menu.
  • KSP: $CONTROL_PAR_AUTOMATION_NAME can now be used in all callbacks.
  • KSP: $CONTROL_PAR_TEXTPOS_Y now works on ui_value_edit.
  • Alt+Drag on Mapping Editor would zoom in the wrong area.


  • The Database has been removed.
  • 3rd Party format import is not possible anymore.
  • 8 and 16 output VST plugin flavors.


  • New artwork in About Screen.
  • Application and plug-ins are now called "Kontakt" (no number).
  • Reverb is now called Legacy Reverb.
  • Delay is now called Legacy Delay.
  • Documentation is now only hosted online with links available in the Help menu.


  • The Info Pane for many controls is no longer out of date.
  • Kontakt would use more CPU than necessary in some cases.
  • Kontakt's built-in browsers would display timestamps in the wrong time zone on macOS.
  • The standalone version of Kontakt would crash on systems with Japanese characters in the names of their output device.
  • KSP: get_engine_par() would return inaccurate values for certain parameters of the Solid Bus Comp.
  • KSP: When using overlapping controls on multiple z layers, help text would sometimes be blocked in unexpected ways.
  • KSP: Multiline ui_label wouldn't scroll all the way to the bottom when adding new text lines.
  • KSP: When attempting to set envelope parameters to negative values from KSP, Kontakt would become unstable, resulting in crashes under certain circumstances.
  • KSP: set_key_name() would not operate as expected when used multiple times on the same key.

Creator Tools 1.0.0


  • Debugger: Messages, errors and warnings coming from KSP are logged in the main view.
  • Debugger: There is a Variable Watching panel that works in combination with two new KSP commands (watch_var() and watch_array_idx()).
  • Debugger: All logged content carries the following info: time (in system time and engine uptime), type, description, source line, source instrument name and source script slot index.
  • Debugger: Logged content can be filtered by type, text content, instrument source and script slot index.
  • Debugger: Option to automatically clear the log every time a script is applied on the Kontakt side.
  • Debugger: Most columns can be shown or hidden through the new right click menu on their headers.
  • Debugger: Logging can be paused.
  • Instrument Editor: It offers programmatic access to parts of a Kontakt instrument's structure that lends itself for automating repetitive tasks. The parts of the structure that are currently exposed are related to sample mapping, playback and looping.
  • Instrument Editor: MIR functions allow pitch and loudness detection based on the contents of audio files.
  • Instrument Editor: Examples and tutorials are available as well-commented Lua scripts.
  • Instrument Editor: Lua files can be dragged and dropped from the OS to the Creator Tools window to be loaded.
  • Instrument Editor: Lua scripts can be directly opened in your default editor directly from Creator Tools.
  • A Getting Started slideshow is shown at launch by default, guiding new users through the Tools.
  • There is a simple connection indicator on the Kontakt side, in the Expert Engine tab of the Browser.





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