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PSPaudioware releases PSP modules for Voltage Modular


PSPaudioware has announced the release of 15 modules for the new Voltage Modular virtual platform developed by Cherry Audio.

Those familiar with Eurorack hardware effects already know the great benefits and flexibility of a modular system. With each effects processor as a single module in a multi-module rig, the user can not only arrange them in infinite combinations, but can use virtual "control voltage" cables to connect to various points within the processor. This opens up a world of flexibility, giving the user the creative options unavailable with typical "closed" processors. Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular system can be used in a standalone audio system or in any DAW, with full preset recall, automatability, and other plug-in features.

PSPaudioware's 15 modules fall into two categories: classic effects modules based on their extensive experience in developing high quality "bread and butter" effects and processor plug-ins and exciting, creative modules that use algorithms from their flagship multieffect plug-in PSP N2O (formerly PSP Nitro) as a starting point and take those effects to the next level. Every algorithm has been adapted, tailored, and expanded to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the modular format and flexibility of the Voltage system.

The initial release of modules includes:

  • PSP Spring - three classic spring reverb emulations.
  • PSP Plate - three classic plate reverb emulations.
  • PSP Space - three classic room reverb emulations.
  • PSP Delay - digital delay with tape emulation and pingpong features.
  • PSP Chorus - four voice stereo chorus.
  • PSP Flanger - stereo flanger with manual control.


The modules are available individually or in one of three bundles. Until the end of October PSPaudioware is offering the bundles for the following discount prices: PSP Classics Modular Collection ($49), PSP nitroModular Collection ($69) or PSP Ultimate Modular Collection ($99 for all our modules).

YouTube general intro: YouTube.com/watch?v=GL59xI8CWYY

YouTube PSP nitroModular Collection: YouTube.com/watch?v=e3lRiji4Jx0

YouTube PSP Classics Modular Collection: YouTube.com/watch?v=5UBrOk9HC1A



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