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Musikmesse 2005Native Instruments announces Reaktor 5

Native Instruments

Native Instruments has announced Reaktor 5. This major new version introduces the new "Reaktor Core Technology", resulting in a major technology leap that dramatically widens the scope of Reaktor-based instrument design. With a massive instrument library, powerful new routing options, vastly expanded panel design options, a revised user interface and a host of other improvements, the new version of Reaktor is more than ever an unlimited creative resource for musicians and producers as well as a an open-ended tool for forward-thinking instrument designers.

The Reaktor Core Technology introduced in Reaktor 5 has been over three years in the making, and opens up a whole world of innovative sound generators, effects, and more. As a completely new functionality layer that is seamlessly integrated into the Reaktor architecture, Core Technology now enables true low-level signal processing design, and allows for an unlimited range of custom modules including oscillators, filters, EQs, delays and more.

The Reaktor Core layer offers up to 64 bit internal resolution for pristine audio quality, and incorporates a run-time compiler for increased efficiency. While offering vast potential as a visual low-level programming environment for professional instrument design and education, Reaktor Core Technology also gives musicians and producers access to a vast selection of advanced and highly inventive ready-made sound generators, sequencers and effects.

Instruments in Reaktor 5 now also come with their own custom user interface, thanks to extensive new panel customizing options. All panel elements in the new version of Reaktor are completely "skinnable", which includes faders, knobs, buttons, and even meters. A new "Macro Stack" also allows for tabbed panel interfaces, which results in highly functional instrument panels with a smaller footprint. Thanks to extended display functionality in Reaktor 5, a vast range of sophisticated new sequencer designs are possible, even including full-featured piano-roll sequencers.

Reaktor 5 itself offers a carefully redesigned user interface with numerous usability improvements, including a reworked browser, toolbar and instrument headers. It also introduces configurable "Panel Sets" to optimize workflow, and an improved window system that makes navigation more convenient.

Reaktor 5 ships with a large collection of powerful and ready-to-use instruments, including more than 20 new synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers and effects. The library offers highly innovative additions like the soundscape generator "Skrewell", the grain sampler "Splitter" and the drum machine "Aerobic", as well as several updated Reaktor classics including Carbon 2, Steampipe 2 and Spacemaster 2, all making extensive use of Reaktor Core Technology.

Furthermore, Reaktor 5 now offers powerful multi-stage envelopes similar to those in Absynth and FM7, and complete with tempo grid, slope control and looping functions; a large number of new modules for extended data storage, voice routing and MIDI functionality; a completely reworked macro collection for easy construction of custom instruments; a new sample pre-listening function that makes working with samples more convenient; and a completely reworked and expanded documentation that caters for both entry-level and advanced users and includes a dedicated manual on Reaktor Core Technology.

Reaktor 5 will be available in May 2005 for a suggested retail price of US$579 / EU€499. An upgrade for owners of Reaktor 4 will be available for US$169 / EU€149.

Owners of NI Komplete Care 2005 will receive the upgrade at no further costs. All NI Komplete 2 purchases that are registered after April 6th, 2005 are also entitled to a free Reaktor 5 upgrade.



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