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Nikolozi updates Mela to v2.2 - Adds Compressor / Limiter Module, Level Metering


Nikolozi has updated Mela, a virtual analog synthesizer and a multi-effects module for iOS, to version 2.2.

Compressor / Limiter:

  • Added a new high quality low-distortion compressor.
  • When ratio is set to infinity it acts like a limiter.
  • In Mela, it's applied after all voices are summed.
  • In Mela FX, it's applied to the wet signal after filters and FX.
  • Visualize compression using its transfer function graph and gain reduction meter.
  • The mix parameter let's you do parallel compression.
  • Adjustable knee width let's you control compressor aggression.
  • Drag the transfer function pad horizontally to adjust the threshold and vertically to adjust the ratio.
  • The gain reduction value shows the maximum reduction level. It resets when gain reduction becomes 0 for more than 500ms.


  • Added peak metering. Max peak holds are set to 1s.
  • In Mela, metering is added for the output signal.
  • In Mela FX, metering is added for the dry and wet signals.
  • The max peak value is displayed as text until levels drop to -inf.
  • When the signal is clipping the metering components turn red.

Other Changes:

  • The top bar layout changed in both Mela and Mela FX to better accommodate new features.
  • The Preset Selector's context menu and the Preset Browser's more button (ellipsis icon) have been merged into a single menu. It is accessible via the new button next to the Preset Selector.
  • Parameter controls now send automation states to hosts, such as control touch and release. Note that, this functionality may not be supported by all DAWs.
  • Module tab buttons now highlight when touched.
  • The app now displays the system status bar. This makes it easier to interact with the iPadOS 15 multi-tasking features.
  • Improved error handling throughout.
  • Added a link to the Mela Forum site in the app's settings. If you experience any issues or for any feedback please post there.
  • Many internal changes to prepare Mela for future features.
  • Fixed the User Guide view toolbar not displaying correctly on iPadOS 15.
  • Added standard keyboard shortcuts for Settings and User Guide views.
  • Updated user guide.
  • Added new presets.

Download the update from the App Store.



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