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Roland releases free Zentracker Audio Recording App for iOS and Android


Roland has announced the release of Zentracker, a free audio recording app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Roland says:

Ideal for singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists, the app turns the device in everyone's pocket into a professional-level multitrack recorder with advanced audio production tools. Zentracker puts the focus on getting ideas down while they're fresh with an easy-yet-powerful way to record, edit, and mix music anywhere.

Recording music doesn't have to be complicated, and a complex home studio full of expensive gear is not required to get great results. Zentracker is simple to use and designed to capture inspired moments with a friendly, pick-up-and-go approach to recording and mixing. A complete studio is never further away than a smartphone or tablet, and a simple finger tap is all that's needed to begin a new project.

Over 200 audio loops are also included. Zentracker projects can be saved to Google Drive (support coming soon) or Microsoft OneDrive, making it easy to share and collaborate with friends, bandmates, and other artists.

With unlimited tracks to work with users can craft complex, layered textures and overdub as much as needed to complete a project. The integrated mixing console provides touch control of each track's level and pan position, and 16 audio effects are available.

Users can unlock more creative options by upgrading to a Roland Cloud Core, Pro, or Ultimate membership. Additional Zentracker features include expanded audio effects, unlimited track sends, stem export support, timeline automation, over 20 Loop Packs, and more. Membership also provides access to everything else on Roland Cloud, like authentic Roland virtual instruments and effects, expanded sound content, additional mobile apps, and many other powerful production tools.

Availability & Pricing

The Zentracker app is available now for free to all Roland account holders and can be downloaded via the App and Google Play Store.




Discussion: Active
25 October 2021 at 9:17am

No MIDI, not even a scratchpad. Bye, Roland.

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