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Spectrasonics announces Sonic Extensions along with Omnisphere update v2.8.0d


Spectrasonics has announced their Sonic Extensions series of products that add new sounds, in addition to custom and enhanced feature sets for their flagship Omnisphere synthesizer. This includes exclusive effects, custom controls and UI, and deep multisampling. The additional features included in each extension can also be utilized with user content and sound sources or with the stock Omnisphere library and any of the satellite instruments including Keyscape and Trilian. All extensions require Omnisphere 2.8.

Sonic Extensions include:

Undercurrent Exclusive Features:

  • Designed by Ignacio Longo.
  • Exclusive new "Under Fire" saturator/comp/EQ effect.
  • Exclusive new "Under Echo" pitch-shifted ambience effect.
  • Over 2,000 sounds in eleven different categories.
  • Custom Controls for creative sound manipulation.
  • Over 300 extraordinary new Soundsources (over 7GB).

Nylon Sky Exclusive Features:

  • From guitar sampling legend Bob Daspit.
  • Exclusive new "Sky Verb" beautiful shimmer reverb effect.
  • Exclusive new "Sky Channel" Class-A channel strip effect.
  • Hybrid ambient guitar sounds and organic textures.
  • Realism control adds lifelike imperfections – breathing, noises.
  • Easily mix between three mic channels – Tube, X/Y, Wide.
  • Fingerstyle, Picked, and Flamenco performance styles.
  • Muted, Tremolo, Harmonics, and other playing techniques.
  • New Strumming feature with 'Humanity' and 'Life'.
  • Build your own strum patterns with new Arp step modifiers.

Unclean Machine Exclusive Features:

  • Created by Tolga Gurpinar.
  • Exclusive new "Unclean Channel" lo-fi channel strip effect.
  • Exclusive new "Unclean Verb" retro reverb/ambience effect.
  • Over 2,000 sounds with tons of character and attitude.
  • 17 Different sound categories.
  • Playable classics and phrases that feel lifted from vintage vinyl.
  • Unique Custom Controls for every patch for experimentation.
  • Rhythmic arpeggiator patches.
  • Features over 200 new multisampled soundsources.
  • Lo-Fi Keys, Bells, Pads, Guitars, Strings, Basses, and much more...

Seismic Shock Exclusive Features:

  • Created by Seth Norman.
  • Exclusive new "Seismic Pump" extreme side-chaining effect.
  • Exclusive new "Seismic Verb" animated reverb effect.
  • Nearly 2,000 powerful sounds in eleven categories.
  • Lethal Nitrogen Oscillator sounds captured at NASA Labs.
  • Unique Custom Controls for radically creative manipulation.
  • Features brand new Seismic Wavetables.
  • Trigger Scenes for on-the-fly performance transformations.
  • Dramatic Wheel tricks for impressive modulations.

Price: $149 each from the Sonic Extensions shop with dynamic discounts when purchasing multiple extensions at once.

The Omnisphere 2.8 update includes the following features and fixes:

  • Sonic Extensions compatibility.
  • New Arpeggiator features:
    • New "Strum" step modifiers simulate guitar strumming. Specially featured in the "Nylon Sky" Sonic Extension, these modifiers can be used in any patch in Omnisphere.
    • New "Humanity" knob controls the amount of randomization applied to individual note start times.
    • New "Dynamics" knob controls the amount of randomization applied to individual note velocities.
  • New Modulation Targets: Arp Humanity and Arp Life.
  • Adds value-snapping detents for the Envelope ADR parameters on the Layer Pages and Custom Controls. Detents are only added when the Envelopes are host-synced. Holding down Shift while dragging the ADR controls allows continuous value adjustments.
  • Fixes issue where the Harmonia Mix parameter value could be wrong after loading a patch.
  • Fixes issue in Shared Signal Path mode where disabling Layer A could create clicking noises in audio from Layers B-D.
  • Fixes zippering artifacts for the Aux Return parameter on the Part Effect Racks.
  • Fixes issue where simultaneously changing the Soundsource "Reverse" parameter for 2 or more layers could cause loading failures.
  • Fixes issue in Shared Signal Path mode where disabling Layer A caused the Ring Mod effect to sound incorrect on Layers B/C/D.
  • Fixes issue where Key Tracking and other sources would not work when Solo mode is On.
  • Fixes issue where Filter Key Tracking in Solo mode did not handle release events properly.
  • Fixes issue where changing the Master Filter cutoff and resonance simultaneously could corrupt the audio output.
  • Fixes issue where the Master Filter was adding audible lowpass filtering at host sample rates above 44.1kHz.
  • Fixes issue where LFO rate was incorrect after changing the sample rate.
  • Fixes issue where envelope parameter data was loaded incorrectly for some patches.
  • Fixes issue in Arpeggiator where Step Dividers, in conjunction with Chord mode, did not play properly.
  • Fixes issues with Arpeggiator preset menu.
  • Fixes crash in Live Mode pane that could occur when rearranging Parts.
  • Fixes crash that could occur when a Soundsource started playing for the first time.
  • Fixes Patch Browser synchronization issue where the Category filter could be incorrectly reset to "All" while changing patches.
  • Fixes issue in Browsers where exiting Sound Match mode did not return to correct prior patch library.
  • Fixes issue where the wrong Mini-Browser could sometimes be shown after closing the full multi-browser.
  • Fixes issue where Browser's rating stars could be overwritten by "MIDI Learn" text sometimes.
  • Fixes issue where switching patches could cause audio glitches.
  • Fixes issue where arrow steppers on mini browser pane could step thru patches when mini multi browser was displayed.
  • Fixes issue where note timing adjustments made to the Trigger Mode setting were incorrectly scaled by the Clock Speed parameter.
  • Fixes issue where setting polyphony (# voices) to 64 could cause the plugin to stop responding to Note On events.
  • Fixes issue where modulation highlight graphics for GUI controls did not always get reset after a patch load.
  • VST3: Fixes issue where "Enter Value" feature for manually typing in automation values did not work.
  • VST3: Fixes issue where host automation values changed after closing/opening the GUI.
  • VST3: Fixes issue where VST3 Hosts added a resizing handle to the VST3 plugin GUI.
  • VST3: Fixes issue where changing the Clock Speed parameter did not work properly.
  • Mac Only: Fixes issue where modulation highlight images were not getting drawn for some knob-style controls.
  • Windows Only: Fixes graphics rendering issues for images displayed on the Custom Pane.
  • Windows Only: Omnisphere Standalone app updated to v1.1.0d. Resolves Windows system DLL loading issue.




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