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Niu Plusplus updates MidiPhrase to v2.0.11

Niu plusplus

Niu Plusplus has updated MidiPhrase to v2.0.11.

New functionality in v2.0.11:

  • Try-listen function: Ctrl+I (or Cmd+I on Mac).
  • Playcursor mode toggling (Pagination Mode, Recording Tape Mode).
  • Notation slice functionality: Shift + I.
  • Note head offset functionality: Alt+I (or Option+I on Mac).
  • Phrase panel adds an icon to the toolbar.
  • When modifying a scale now, the shadow channel will display in real-time (if Scale Matching is activated).

Updates in v2.0.10:

  • MIDI recording with quantization (press Ctrl+R and then spacebar to start recording, a one-measure count-in will be played before recording starts. Alternatively, you can press the spacebar first for immediate insertion of recording).
  • Beat extraction and application. (Ctrl+Q / Shift+Q).
  • Pitch extraction and application. (Ctrl+W / Shift+W).
  • Channel filter (to force display of specified channel's notes when they are covered by other channels' notes) (use D or Alt+D to toggle between channels).
  • Pad loading independent files with option to set measure number (right-click menu on pad).
  • Different channels' notes can now overlap.
  • Drawing notes is now linked to the channel filter.
  • Spacebar now defaults playback from user-specified playhead location; if no position is specified, it plays from the beginning (Ctrl+left mouse button sets playhead / W key returns cursor back to the beginning).
  • Ctrl+spacebar: continues playing from stop point.
  • Copy selected note block in piano roll using Cmd+D which automatically adjusts range.
  • Fix issue where playhead always auto-plays upon reopening plugin.
  • Fix issue where pads lose lock after reopening plugin.
  • Fix issue where S key splits channels incorrectly during note group operation.
  • Fix issue where loaded file into an independent pad has wrong speed upon reopening plugin.
  • Reset counting issues.
  • Address various issues related to note group operations.
  • Correct host BPM change leading to misaligned playhead.
  • Fix distorted playhead position after zooming in/out piano roll.


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