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Noisebud releases YAS! low-end enhancer plugin aimed at stereo mixes and updates Chokidar EQ


Noisebud has announced the release of YAS!, a low-end enhancer plugin aimed at stereo mixes, and released an update for Chokidar EQ.

The mastering EQ Chokidar, initially released for Windows 32-bit in 2015, has been ported and updated for 64-bit Windows VST2 & 3 and AU for Intel Macs.

The latest incarnation is called Chokidar3 EQ and has got a few new features over past versions:

  • Mac version.
  • 64-bit.
  • LUFS readout.
  • An additional LowPass filter called Smooth.
  • A Delta function to hear the difference between the dry and wet signal.

About YAS!, a low-end expander and compressor plugin for macOS and Windows, Noisebud says:

YAS! adds mojo and life to any mixes, or, makes it able to test different shapes of your already great sounding low-end to see if your music would benefit from more low-end in the tail of the kick.

Pricing for Noisebud's Patreon starts at $5 per month.



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