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oeksound updates spiff to v1.1.1


oeksound has updated spiff to v1.1.1.

Changes in v1.1.1:

  • Fixed potential issues related to changing oversampling setting.
  • Keep graph decay speed constant across all gain range settings.

Changes in v1.1.0:

  • Significant CPU optimizations (about 30-50% less, depending on the settings, CPU model and operating system).
  • Improved detection algorithm for less artifacts with high sensitivity and sharpness.
  • Improved minimum phase mode (more accurate response with low oversampling and small window settings).
  • GUI updates
    • configurable gain range for boost / reduction graph.
    • increased frequency resolution in processing visualization.
    • optimized drawing.
  • New factory default preset, spiff now defaults to boost mode and minimum phase.
  • Side arrow keys can be used to navigate to preset menu subfolders.


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