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Orchestral Tools releases Berlin Brass - Muted Brass

Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools has announced the release of Berlin Brass – Muted Brass, available now for a special intro price of 249€+VAT instead of 299€+VAT.

With this third complement to Berlin Brass, Orchestral Tools enriches the Berlin Series with a new flavour. The Muted Brass Collection is a detailed set, delivering seven solo instruments and two ensembles:

  • Horn 1 (Stopped).
  • Horn 2 (Stopped).
  • Horn Ensemble (Stopped).
  • Trumpet 1 (Straight Mute, Harmon Stem In, Harmon Stem Half-In).
  • Trumpet 2 (Straight Mute, Harmon Stem In, Harmon Stem Half-In).
  • Trumpet Ensemble (Straight Mute, Harmon Stem In, Harmon Stem Half-In).
  • Trombone 1 (Straight Mute, Harmon Stem In, Harmon Stem Half-In).
  • Trombone 2 (Straight Mute, Harmon Stem In, Harmon Stem Half-In).
  • Bass Trombone (Straight Mute, Harmon Stem In, Harmon Stem Half-In).


Use the individually recorded mutes to provide sonorities to your creations. Like all Berlin Series Instruments, Muted Brass is versatile and adaptable. The specific sound of the different mutes lets you achieve a real vintage vibe as well as a classical or contemporary tone.


The same uncompromising technical set up, the same seating positions of the professional Berlin orchestral musicians, and of course the sound of the perfectly balanced Teldex Scoring Stage guarantee a flawless blending with the Berlin Brass Main Collection.

Berlin Brass – Muted Brass is based on Capsule for Kontakt and equipped with Orchestral Tools' innovative Adaptive Legato System.

Intro Special
Berlin Brass – Muted Brass is now available for a Special Intro Price of just 249€+VAT instead of 299€+VAT until May 5th, 2017.



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